Yeast Infection Side Effects

Yeast infection a kind of fungal overgrowth and affects the following areas of the body-

  • Ø Throat
  • Ø Mouth
  • Ø Genitals (both men & women)


burning sensation during urination

Mouth is also affected by yeast infection and oral yeast infection is generally called oral thrush.

Vaginal yeast infection is a type of inflammation of the vagina which is characterized by constant irritation, itchy and scaly feeling. Yeast infection mainly affects the opening or mouth of vagina which is known as vulva.

It is a common problem that occurs in women. This infection is not a sexually transmitted disease although it easily spreads by coming in contact with the infected person through oral or genital contact.

Being a common and less serious infection it can be treated by simple treatments itself, but in case a woman is constantly having yeast infections and is repeated, then a long term medicinal therapy is advised. However yeast infection ( or other vaginal infection) can be prevented well if the woman follow good practice of vaginal hygiene like washing vaginal area with a good quality natural intimate wash which contains no soaps or chemicals as Everteen Natural Intimate Wash.

Yeast infection also occurs in the males which are primarily as a result of unprotected sexual intimacy with an already infected partner.

Here we will know more about the side effects caused due to yeast infection in men and women.

Oral Thrush-

This type of yeast infection commonly occurs in infants or elderly people who have a weak immune system in comparison to the healthy adult. Oral thrush is characterized by the following symptoms

  • Ø There are white spots inside the mouth and over the tongue.
  • Ø There is a lot of discomfort and redness in the mouth
  • Ø It causes sore throat and the person feels extreme difficulty in swallowing edible items.
  • Ø Painful cracking of the skin over the corners of the skin is caused.

It is important to take proper medication to treat the yeast infection because it can be really dangerous for the overall health if it is not treated properly.

Genital Thrush in women-

irritation and discomfort

Women are primarily the majority of population who suffer from this type of infection once in their lifetime. This is also one of the main infections during pregnancy.

Vaginal yeast infections are mainly characterized by the following symptoms-

There is an itching sensation in the genital area of women

  • Ø There is visible redness and soreness in the vaginal area.
  • Ø There is a white-yellow thick discharge with a characteristic smell, from the vagina.
  • Ø There is a lot of pain during sexual act.

Vaginal thrush should be treated at the earliest because it may cause extreme discomfort and problems.

During pregnancy too, vaginal thrush should not be ignored and strict advice of the doctor should be taken, as it may affect the mouth of the baby growing inside the uterus.

Genital Thrush in Men-

Men are generally affected by yeast infections by having unprotected intimate relations with an infected partner.

The yeast infection in men is characterized by –

  • Ø There are rashes on the penis and the tip becomes red
  • Ø There is a burning sensation while urinating. The tip of the penis feels extremely itchy.

Side effects of Yeast Infections-


medical help for yeast infection

  • Ø It is extremely difficult to swallow anything if there is a yeast infection in the mouth. In the absence of proper care of the mouth, the sores of the mouth start bleeding which makes the condition of the thrush even more severe. Licking the mouth with tongue will eventually worsen the infection and will spread to the whole mouth.
  • Ø Sometimes yeast infections are also caused in the intestine which may result in the major constipation problem, bloating of the stomach and diarrhea.
  • Ø Yeast infection in the vaginal area of women may cause painful urination and a burning sensation while passing urine.
  • Ø Sexual relations seem to be very painful for women who are suffering from vaginal thrush and causes a burning sensation in the intimate relations.
  • Ø There is also evident bad odor of the urine because of the overgrowth of yeast near the vaginal area.
  • Ø It causes extreme itching in the vagina and sometimes excessive scratching may result in worsening of the sores caused by infection.
  • Ø Males are also affected with this kind of infection and they may find it difficult to deal with the soreness and itching. Men also experience a similar discharge of white yellow thick substance with a peculiar smell just like females.
  • Ø Sometimes, yeast infections can cause major problems in the males by affecting the prostate glands resulting in serious medical help.

So, this was all about the various side effects of the different types of yeast infections caused in humans.

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