Here we will learn about the remedies of Yeast infection which is commonly caused among females and their male partners.

When a women is sure about the yeast infection in her body ( genitals) apart from the medicinal aid there are also various remedies which can be followed to treat the infection effectively. They are-

Pro-biotic supplements-

pro biotic supplements

The regular intake of pro-biotic supplements should be followed so that the vaginal area’s self cleansing mechanism is not altered and any extrinsic factor causing infection doesn’t affect the vagina.  These pro-biotic supplements are mainly taken to regulate the population of bad bacteria in our system so that the good bacteria protect the intimate area on its own.

Adequate water intake-

Yeast tend to feed upon the sugar content in our body fluid but with adequate quantity of water maximum amount of waste materials including excessive amounts of body sugars are expelled through the vagina while urination which helps in maintaining the acidic medium of the vagina reducing the chances of yeast infection.

Eating plain yoghurt-


plain yoghurt

More than applying yoghurt to the vaginal area I find it a better option to have a proper intake of plain unsweetened yoghurt so that the good bacteria in the body are increased in population and work to defend the body from infections.

In my opinion application of yoghurt in the vaginal area is not a very good idea because that may leave moisture in the vagina which may cause the infection to grow bigger instead of being treated.

It s better to stick to the medicines and vaginal creams prescribed by the doctor for the treatment of yeast infection.

Cranberry juice intake-

It is believed that cranberry juice is very effective remedy for yeast infections and many urinary tract infections too. It is important to make sure that the juice is pure and no added sugars or flavors are mixed in it.

Garlic intake-


garlic intake

Garlic is known to be a flavoring agent in the food but it is equally beneficial in treating yeast infections because of the great anti-fungal properties it possess. Garlic being a natural anti-biotic prevents yeast to overgrow.

Ideally garlic should be consumed with the food and not inserted into the vagina because there are more chances of spreading the infection instead of reducing it.

Topical treatments-

The use of vaginal or anti-fungal creams to treat yeast infections is also a good option. This should be done under medical guidance and should be completed till the infection is treated completely.

Also, along with this regular use of intimate wash is important.I recommend using everteen natural intimate wash which is a 100% natural active, which is extra  mild for all skin types.It contains no SLES ,SLS and is soap free too.

Herbal hygiene wash

Herbal remedy for oral thrush-

If you are suffering from yeast infection in the mouth then tea made from basil leaves is an effective drink to gargle and provide some relief to the sores inside the mouth.

Apart from the above mentioned remedies for the treatment of yeast infections following things should be kept in mind to treat yeast infections at the earliest.

  • Sugar intake should be cut down to minimum so as to recover fast from the infections because sugar is the feeding ground for yeasts and they flourish well in sugary medium, hence causing infection.
  • Self medication should be strictly avoided otherwise the situation of infection may worsen.
  • Any foreign particle should not be inserted in the vagina unless it is advised by the doctor.
  • Scratching the sores won’t provide any relief so it is not advisable to scratch them as it may lead to excessive reddening or bleeding from the sores.
  • The area surrounding the intimate area should be kept dry and devoid of moisture so that any harmful microbes cannot cause infections.
  •  It is essential to use cotton underpants during yeast infections so that sweat is absorbed properly leaving the intimate area dry.
  • Contraceptive pills should not be taken while being diagnosed with yeast infections because that may hamper the healing situation of the infection.
  •  Yeast infections are not a sexually transmitted disease but spreads through sexual contact with the infected partner so it is advised to refrain from any sexual encounter during infection.
  • It is important to treat both the partners for the yeast infection before indulging in intimate relationship because then only there is no chance to get infected again otherwise both the partners will transmit the infection back & forth to each other.

So, the above mentioned remedies are very effective and tested over time for the treatment of yeast infections caused in human beings.


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