Vaginoplasty is the buzz word in the modern town. The aspiration for better sexual experience is eternal and more & more women are opting for solution for the rejuvenation of their G-spot. Vaginoplasty is a surgical procedure performed by a surgeon under anaesthesia to improve the tone and tightening of the muscles of vagina. Although vaginoplasty has gained lot of ground in last few years but experts have mixed opinions about this surgical procedure where the safety and efficacy of this procedure is challenged. American Society of Obstetrician & Gynaecology did not accept the safety & efficacy of the procedure due to unavailability of scientific data. 

If we analyse from the perspective of the consumer, vaginal rejuvenation is certainly a need amongst the sexually active couples as it helps in improving the quality of their sexual life, sexual experiences and overall relationship. Given the fact that it is an expensive procedure, it also involves lot of other risks like scar or loss of sensation in the vaginal tissues working against the overall objective of having a vaginal tightening surgery. 

It is known fact the vagina loses its laxity over a period of time due to various reasons associated with life stages of a woman. Whether its childbirth, aging, menopause or other vaginal trauma, the structure of vagina gets damaged which results into a loose vagina with the absence of grip and sensation. The loosened and weak muscles of vagina further results into sexual discontentment in a relationship and may affect other parts of life like psychological or emotional stability. 

Experts recommend that natural healing and restoration of vaginal tightness is the best solution and it is not advisable to go under knife always when we have good natural solutions available in the form of vaginal gel like Everteen. A good quality vaginal gel like Everteen not only helps to tighten and revitalize the vagina but also takes care of overall health of vagina like moisture and vaginal dryness. It is imperative to mention that vaginal dryness is also another pain area for majority of woman and it increases further after any surgical procedure around vagina as vagina loses its natural tendency to moisturise due to surgical changes in the muscles. 
Although vaginoplasty is quite useful for a women but it’s always good to chose the solution for vaginal tightening wisely. The women who are opting for natural solutions, they seem to be more cautious and satisfied about their overall vaginal health. Because, the natural ingredients of good vaginal gel as in Everteen restores the elasticity of vagina naturally and bring back instant tightening sensation with increased blood flow into vaginal muscles. Since sexual contentedness is one of the aspirations, these vaginal gels do improve the libido and reduce vaginal dryness while addressing other vaginal health problems too.  Since, these are made from natural ingredients therefore it is completely safe to use without any worry of side effects.

So ladies, vaginoplasty is something you really need for revitalizing your sexual life but it’s good to evaluate the options before going under knife. Vaginoplasty or Natural solution; Compare what you have in your store and make an informed decision by assessing the safety, efficacy, cost and overall health of your vagina. So, not only tightening, you should look for your overall vaginal health.