Lubricate your Love life

Every woman will deal with with stint of vaginal dryness at some point in her life. It is important to understand how to identify the vaginal dryness symptoms and realize when it could be time to take action well before it starts to affect your overall health along with your ability to have a satisfying sexual life. Somewhat related to vaginal dryness that you may not know, it can occur to any woman at any age.

Vaginal dryness symptoms are the following:

• Lack of ability to provide enough lubrication during sexual intercourse
• Not comfortable or pain during sex
• Chafing or tearing while having sex
• A raw feeling that does not appear to go away
• A skin rash which is not caused by infection
• Stinging when you go to the bathroom wash, or wipe.
• Skin which is inflamed/itchy/dried
• Decreased or even lost sensation while having sex
• Decreased in sexual desire
• A sense that your vagina is being stretched or loosened
• Loose or sagging skin

What causes vaginal dryness?

Main reasons associated with vaginal dryness include hormonal changes throughout the menstrual cycle, pregnancy and childbirth and menopause. Drugs also can lead to vaginal dryness, or simply a drying out that’s a consequence of using perfumed soaps and feminine products because perfumes in most cases contain alcohol.

Although the vagina is in fact a self cleaning organ of the body, constantly working to maintain itself healthy, the biggest level of vaginal lubrication happens throughout sexual arousal. Since blood runs towards the genitals when a woman becomes aroused, the vagina creates lubrication for helping get ready for sexual intercourse.

When a woman experiences lack of moisture it means her vagina, for any reason is not generating enough lubrication on its own. Making love while not having enough vaginal lubrication is usually painful, not comfortable and can additionally lead to tearing of the vaginal tissues.

What many people do not understand regarding painful or uncomfortable sex is the fact that quite often it’s the consequence of dryness of the vagina.

Not producing adequate lubrication can certainly irritate your vagina not only for the duration of sexual activity but the whole day. Lack of vaginal lubrication results in itching, chafing, rashes, and possibly even tearing if remains without treatment. This will have a bad influence on your sexual life and also the way you feel about sex.

Additionally, it is an issue which can be experienced by woman of all ages, not only those going through menopause. Not just will it inflict destruction on your relationship but it surely can also influence your self confidence.

Vaginal dryness treatment

Sometimes you can not be certain what causes your vaginal dryness. But whatever the cause is, in case you feel uncommon vaginal dryness for more than a couple of days or simply notice some of the symptoms outlined, then it is worth considering a treatment like everteen revitalizing gel.

Vaginal dryness exposes you to an increased risk of vaginal infections due to the small tears within the skin caused by pulling, chafing, as well as irritation during sex and even flaky skin from the dryness itself. Lack of vaginal lubrication will also, after a while, affect the flexibility of your skin which will make sex much less enjoyable for both you and your partner.

As stated previously, dealing with vaginal dryness and all of the undesirable vaginal dryness symptoms could be as easy as using a vaginal gel like everteen. In case you are experiencing any of the outlined symptoms, then it is time to treat it before turns into more serious.