If our vagina can speak then what she will tell us?

Well, Ladies actually our vagina speaks to us all the time and tries to warn us about our health conditions down there. The point is whether we are able to understand and entertain that conversation of vagina with us. There are multiple messages which vagina sends us to remind us to take control of our vaginal health.  We need to understand the language of vagina so as to protect the complications around our vaginal area.

“I am having fishy and unpleasant smell coming out of my vagina and it is so strong that even a person standing close to me can smell it. It is so embarrassing”.

“I am concerned about my vaginal discharge which is very frequent and yellow, sometimes pale and smells very badly”.

“I feel burning sensation and irritation around my vagina; I am worried about it as it makes me uncomfortable during my daily activity”.

The above 03 different set of problems are actually the way our vagina tries to speak to us which can be interpreted as:
Vaginal Odour
Vaginal Discharge
Vaginal Irritation

Through these points, what our vagina wish to warn about is something which we need to be attentive of. Here are few tips which can help you understand this conversation with your vagina so as to prevent any complications.

Vaginal Odour: For a healthy vagina, it is normal to have some vaginal odour. However if there is change in vaginal odour like it becomes very strong and fishy smell, it should be associated with bacterial or yeast infection especially if it is accompanied by irritation or itching. This change in vaginal odour indicates you that you need to take care of your personal hygiene and protect the pH balance of your vagina.  

Vaginal Discharge: Vaginal discharge is like self cleansing function of vagina as it flows out the dead cells and bacteria out of our vagina and thus keeps our vagina clean and infection free. But not all vaginal discharge is normal. The vaginal discharge is abnormal if the discharge has a yellow or green color, is clumpy like cottage cheese, or has a bad odor. This is a sign that your vagina has acquired some vaginal infection and this is the time when you should look for a proper guidance and solution so as to prevent the infection. 

Vaginal Irritation: The tingling sensation or desire to scratch around vagina is common but if the sensation becomes so strong or consistent then there is likelihood that you are suffering with a vaginal infection. If this vaginal itching or irritation is accompanied by abnormal discharge and unpleasant odor then it is clear indication of an infection and you really need be proactive about maintaining health & hygiene of your vagina. 

We should not feel shy of talking about or talking to our vagina as it gives us an opportunity to prevent and protect any vaginal infection before it disturbs our daily life by creating complications. We should know that our vagina is just like a pond of clean pool of water. If the water is clean, we can see to the bottom of the pond through water whereas the bank of the pond is occupied with plants, grass and flowers which is a good sight for the eye. But in a neglected pond, the water turns dirty and it smells badly with seaweed under the bottom and at the banks making entire sight and situation uncomfortable. 

Keeping this pond of vagina clean and healthy is very easy which can be done by interpreting the messages of vagina timely and maintaining its health by regular use of good natural intimate wash and vaginal gel like Everteen