Symptoms & Effective remedies of Vaginal Dryness-

Vaginal Dryness is more or less a common term which is prevalent among females. Being a very hugger-mugger topic among women, this has seemed to affect the sexual health of women very drastically. There are very few counts of women who have opened up to this problem and keep it mostly under the wraps unless they are facing extreme difficulties relating to it.

Vaginal Dryness is mainly associated with menopause and it is a characteristic symptom which starts appearing when a woman is near to having menopause. But with the changing day to day working lifestyle and stress factors have contributed a lot in messing with the normal functioning of the body. Nowadays, vaginal dryness is known to occur among women of much younger age too and is a cause of concern for many women because of the unpleasant experiences related to it.

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Vaginal dryness is a recent side effect of the changed lifestyle practiced by women these days. The habit of smoking & drinking is one of the most potential reasons to cause vaginal dryness apart from other hormonal and physiological functions. Cigarette smoking and drinking alcohol is known to hinder the proper circulation in the body which in turn creates these problems. These things tend to reduce the sensational capability of the intimate organs and intensifies already existing problem.

Here we will know more about the symptoms which tend to start showing once you are subject to having this problem.

Symptoms of Vaginal Dryness-

Vaginal dryness is mainly characterized by the following symptoms-

burning sensation in vagina

There is always a burning sensation in the vagina due to lack of the proper secretions which are known to keep the vaginal area free from infections

If you are experiencing re-occurrence of UTIs, then it is also a symptom which indicates vaginal dryness.

itching sensation

There is always a sense of itchy feeling in the intimate area and may be a cause of embarrassment for many women

  • Extreme discomfort & pain during intimate relations:-

Due to improper lubrication, there is a lot of pain during intercourse which might result in mild bleeding too. This causes an unexplained discomfort in sexual relations.

  • Soreness in the intimate area causing irritation:-

There is constant irritation in the vaginal area due to dryness.

These were some the existing symptoms attributed to be caused by Vaginal Dryness.

Now, after knowing about the symptoms, it becomes essential to also look out for effective remedies to prevent this problem from worsening and hamper your sexual well being.

Remedies to deal with Vaginal Dryness-

These are discussed as below-

  • Topical Treatments-

Everteen gel

Topical treatments or vaginal gel are the most commonly employed methods to deal with this problem and are more effective than any other way. A quality vaginal gel like Everteen gel is quite effective in reducing dryness in vaginal area. Everteen Vaginal gel is specifically designed to rejuvenate vaginal muscles which increase blood flow in the muscles and hence reduce dryness. It is made of 100% natural actives and creates moisturising effect and can be ideally used to gain relief in faster way.

  • Avoiding smoking & drinking-

These habits not only disturb the normal biological functions but also cause vaginal dryness, so avoiding their intake is surely a better way to deal with this problem.

  • Irritation due to some products-

Some women are not aware of the vaginal imbalance and its bad effects as the use of scented intimate washes, perfumed sprays and soaps and other chemical douching products plays a crucial role in disturbing the normal vaginal balance and causes vaginal dryness in females.

lack of arousal due to stress

The modern lifestyle has given high stress and anxiety due to work pressure which affects the sexual needs of people as the mind is the controlling part of the body and a depressed mind is never interested in any intimacy. Due to which there is a lack of interest in the partners which results in a deceased lubrication in the vagina and causing dryness which ultimately induces pain & discomfort during sexual relations causing a sense of dissatisfaction and traumatic experience.

This was all about the various symptoms & effective remedies related with Vaginal Dryness. Hope you all must have been well acquainted with this problem by now…!

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