Signs of a dysfunctional relationship-

Relationships hold a special place in a person’s life. It motivates them to have a purposeful life and relationships are very much responsible for molding a person’s thoughts and ideas over time.

Relationships give us happiness and a sense of satisfaction of our emotional and physiological needs. When a relationship fails to provide this satisfaction, then the relation becomes a dysfunctional one. This is really a difficult phase to deal with because a dysfunctional relation would take a long time span between two individuals to form and when it gets revealed, it becomes too late to take a stand or make a move against it and you feel trapped in a really bad situation which tends to hurt even more.

So, to know that you are having a healthy normal relationship or that you are trapped in a dysfunctional relationship it is essential to be able to trace the signs of a dysfunctional relationship and here is how you can do that easily-

Abusive behavior-

This tends to be the first of the things which start showing in a dysfunctional relationship. When there is a certain feeling of love and respect for the other partner, things go on a normal way but when that feeling vanishes abusing and threatening seems to be quite evident and this is not just due to the prevailing situations but because these are the early signs of a dysfunctional relationship.

Frustrated attitude-

This is also quite evident in a dysfunctional relation that frustrations due to lack of understanding and proper communications start and constantly happen over and over again.

Feeling of superiority-

This is also one of the side effects of a dysfunctional relationship and it affects the other partner very badly as both the partners had started their relationship on the basis of mutual respect for each other and understanding but suddenly this feeling is gone and there is only one partner who feels superior to the other one and commands the other partner such that it is very insulting for the other individual.

Absence of intimacy-

absence of intimacy

This is the most basic thing which affects the health of a relationship. Lack of physical and emotional intimacy is a great reason which shows that your relation is going through a rough patch and is more prone to become dysfunctional.

The physical act of intimacy ensures the love and affectionate feeling in a person and when there is a complete absence of this feeling it is quite possible that your relationship is proceeding towards a dysfunctional state.

Mental tension-


mental tension

The constant thoughts about all the problems you are facing in your relationship hamper your mental peace and gives rise to a lot of tension which may drive you nuts…!

Feeling insecure-


feeling insecure

Dysfunctional relationships lead to a sense of insecurity among individuals as is very much obvious that the relation will not survive the test of time. This feeling is very irritating and puts a lot of pressure on the individual’s happiness and well being.

Lack of efforts

lack of efforts

It is commonly seen that there is a single person who wants things to get back to normal and so they make efforts single handedly to deal with the dysfunctional attribute in the relationship.

Lack of appreciation-

This is very common problem in a dysfunctional relationship that in the initial phases when both partners have started knowing each other everything is normal and every effort made by both of them is recognized by both of them but with time that phase wears off quickly and after a while nothing affects your partner’s attention and you feel taken for granted. There is no appreciation received from the other partner and you don’t matter to them anymore.

This account for those feelings which have come in your dysfunctional relationship and by any chance these things cannot be patched up to normal again. These emotional barriers are jealously, distrust, obsession, disrespect for the other partner.

The purpose of a relationship is to bring lively and joyous moments in life and not to become a source of constant pain and tension. So keeping these things in mind will certainly help an individual to detect that their relationship is normal or on the verge of being dysfunctional and will make appropriate efforts in accordance with that.

Do you have any signs Of A Dysfunctional Relationship?

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