4 things which your beautician or spa massager do not tell you

The festive and holiday season is around and this is the time when our visit to spas and beauty salon increases. The numbers of women going to beauty salons for facials, clean-ups in festive or holiday season are usually higher than any other time of the year. According to a poll, Women wear around three times as much make-up during the Christmas season (read festive/holiday season) applying 12 products on to their faces before going on a night out. However, they use just four cosmetic items on a normal day and a mere eight on an evening out at any other time of year as reported in the survey. The time they spend in front of the mirror increases too, with an hour needed to create the perfect look for a Christmas party or meal with friends. That’s up from 20 minutes of preening on a typical day and 40 minutes of preparation for a non-festive evening out.

In this rush of increased frequency of make up or clean up at spas and beauty salons how conscious we are about our vaginal hygiene is one point which your beautician may not talk to. We, as a woman have three factors which are also the points of attraction in the entire theory of boasting of to our partner:

1. Our Face- How does we look, glow over skin, Lips shape, Lipstick.

2. Our Breast- The oomph factors, cleavage and shape & size of breast

3. Our Vagina- We do nothing about that. Do we??!!

We are least concerned about maintenance of our vaginal health or hygiene although it is one of the integral part of a female body which is not only the identity of our gender but also it is THE final word for our partner after looking over the entire make up & clean up. If we are compromising on our vaginal health & hygiene then the money or time spent on face, breast or body can become useless as the final word “ $@#” may fall flat due to your vaginal condition.

How vaginal health & hygiene can take away the charm of your make up; here is 04 things which your spa centres’s massager or beautician might not tell you:

1. Vaginal Odour: That fishy and abnormal smell coming from your vaginal can turn off the entire mood and create an embarrassing situation for you. Don’t get into a situation when as soon as you start doing anything after removing those clothes & expensive make up and that fishy smell down there distract you and your partner. So, it is good to be ready and clean down there too which you can do by regular use of a good natural intimate wash. Don’t douch or use chemical or soap based washes for your vagina.

2. Vaginal Laxity: If you had been involved in sexual activity earlier too, there is likelihood that your vagina may not have that tightening sensation or grip, especially if you are a mother. The loosen vaginal can take away your confidence and can affect the quality of your sexual experience with you partner. In this case, you can make up with a good vaginal gel like Everteen which revitalizes and tightens vagina.

3. Vaginal Dryness: Vaginal dryness, inadequate vaginal lubrication, is a common problem for women especially after menopause and it leads to painful sex. Vaginal dryness can affect your tendency to indulge in sexual activity as you may not feel like doing it due to the fear of pain. You should not compromise on your sexual part due to dryness which can be very well treated with the regular use of a good vaginal gel like Everteen.

4. Vaginal Itching or burning: Vaginal itching is a tingling or uneasy irritation of the skin of the vagina and the surrounding area. Vaginal itching or irritation happen due to vaginal infection and it can certainly affect your intimacy with your partner as you may not be able to focus on sexual pleasure. You can revive your sexual pleasure and intimacy with your partner by focusing on your vaginal hygiene by washing your vagina with a good natural intimate wash.  Don’t douch or use chemical or soap based washes for your vagina.

So after spending so much time at spas or beauty salons, you would not like to get into an embarrassing situation, therefore it is advisable that this time you talk about your vaginal health too while paying visit to your beautician. However some good quality Spa centres have started talking about maintenance of vaginal health & hygiene to their female customers which is a good trend in terms of offering a complete health and makeover for woman. But still, it’s your vagina and it’s your party ( festive/holiday season), so, go ahead and talk about your vaginal health so as to get the best of your make up & fitness.

 Therefore, don’t spoil your money by doing incomplete makeover rather optimize it by focusing on your vaginal health along with your face, breast, skin and body.