Sexual experience is by far the most pleasurable feelings a person experiences. It is related with the activity of the brain which releases certain feel good hormones which make the sexual experience the best of its kind. Here in this post , we will discuss some additional things which can be practiced to make sex more spicy and sizzling so as to give an experience which leaves you exhausted but wanting for more at th same time..!

Get raunchy and send an invite-

To make the sexual encounter steamier, send a naughty invite to your partner and signal him/her about what plans you have in your mind for the later part of the day or night. This will excite them to a great extent and they will eagerly wait for the real action to begin.

Assume roles-

Based on your imaginations and preferences, assume different roles and play the dirty game with your roles and you will witness a different level of excitement and sizzling experience of sex.

Use props for more heat!-

Use props for more heat!-

It is a great idea to shop some sex props from an online portal and use it in your bedroom to rise up the mercury level. A blindfold or a pair of handcuffs is the best thing to start with. Be naughty and put these things to use..!

Play the stripping game-

How to make sex more exciting

To make things get sexier with every passing minute play the stripping game and don’t stop until both you have lost the game for good…!

Try new positions-

Try new positions

Sex on the comfortable couch or bed doesn’t seem to more steamy than the one on the bar counter or on the window pane. You can also try the staircase for doing the deed and making the whole experience an unforgettable one.

Soak yourselves together-

Prolonged Arousal

It is a great idea to have a session of hot and sizzling sexual episode in your shower as the confined space and the standing position will give you an altogether unusual and amazing sexual experience.

Indulge in a quickie-

Nothing is better than a spontaneous act of love making so make sure to have a quickie and witness the sexual vibes for the next act of intimacy.

Prolonged Arousal-

The sexual act is more promising & enduring when both the partners are aroused properly for long. For this give your partner an sexy massage and then initiate the deed to see how exciting your performance is between the sheets.

Watch an erotic movie-

To make things steamy between the two of you, watch an erotic act together and then jump on each other so as to show what all both of you have learned from the movie…!

Dress up in your man’s clothes-

We have heard about sexy lingerie to stimulate the sensuousness of women but actually a man finds his own shirt or coat sexier on his partner’s naked body. Remember to put only his clothes on and nothing else for the added pleasure.

Give him your private strip or peep show-

Assume yourself to be a seductress and show some sexy moves to your partner by displaying your assets in his favorite little lingerie and see how elevated he will be to see you. This will definitely make the encounter more exciting and promising.

So, above are some of the easy tips which can be opted out for an amazing sexual experience with your partner.

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