Sexual relation between man & woman is an indispensable psychological need essential for the body and mind. Marriage is based on this practice of an intimate relationship with a single partner. Sex forms the backbone of a romantic relationship as it acts as a way of expressing mutual love for each other. Sex is also a normal process of the body just like other functions and is responsible for the reproduction in human beings. It is through the act of sex that reproduction occurs in humans and they evolve.

Sex is basically driven by the attraction which prevails between males & females and the physical attributes constitute to the infatuation towards each other which is essential to involve in the intimate act of sex.

Men & women are structurally different from each other physically and mentally to a great extent. The intensity of attraction for each other differs in every couple. Some are strongly attached to their other halves while some find the attraction to be of a normal intensity. While men are known to be more deviating towards sex with their partner, women on the other hand are more attached on the emotional side and have an intimate relation only with those whom they find reliable to be attached emotionally.

There are some cases in which women feel the lack of sexual desire or insufficient arousal to indulge in the act of sex. Here we will know more about the problem of lack of sexual desire in females and the possible reasons behind it.

Lack of sexual interest in women occurs primarily due to physical & psychological factors-

Physical factors-

  • Illness-

If a woman is suffering from any kind of ailment, it is very natural that the discomfort caused due to the disease will make her feel unwell and not at all ready to indulge in an intimate act of love making which requires that each partner is in a happy and elevated state of mind.

  • Addiction to drugs-

The addiction to alcohol & other drugs tends to affect the sensory system of a female’s body and she is not in a state to feel or perform an activity in her senses, so this is also responsible for inducing an inhibition in involving in sexual relation with their partners

Emotional Factors-

  • Anxiety & stress-

anxiety & stress

If a woman is anxious over any matter and takes stress, it is likely to affect her normal state of mind which is necessary for initiating a love making act with her because her body may be ready for it but her mind will remain diverted towards the problem she is thinking about.

  • Relationship issues-

relationship issues

If a woman finds it difficult to stay in the relationship with a man due to ideological differences, then it is natural that she will not have any intimate feelings for him as a result there will not be a desire to involve sexually with that person.

  • Traumatic intimate relation of the past-

traumatic relations of the past

If a woman in unfortunate enough to have gone through a traumatic experience of sexual relation in her past then it is very obvious that the thought of being intimate with someone will make her revive the past bad experience and she will be shaken from the inside, even if she is comfortable with the present person.

These are some of the possible reasons which indicate the lack of sexual desire in females.

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