Women have a biological structure which enables them to be at the receiving end of many physiological functions of the body. For this purpose it becomes quintessential for women to be aware of the health and hygiene of their intimate organs.

A woman’s vaginal health needs to be prioritized more than any other illness because it is a receptor of a number of functions of the body like excretion of liquid waste, for remaining pregnant for nine months & giving birth and for sexual functions. All these functions of the body involve high risk of infections and vagina being a closely associated internal organ is at constant risk of diseases.

It is a matter of ignorance and embarrassment for some women to talk about their vaginal problems; as a result they suffer with these infections and are not able to lead a healthy & happy life peacefully.

This post is all about the importance of vaginal health for a woman and how it is related to the quality of life of a woman-

For a sound body & mind-

For a sound body & mind

Firstly, we all are aware that to live a healthy and happy life we need to be in good health and free from any type of diseases. So, in order to have the desired and healthy soul, women need to be more aware of their vaginal health and prevent any type of infection which may result in an illness in the intimate area.

For comfort in sexual relations-

For comfort in sexual relations

When a women is suffering from any kind of vaginal infection it is likely to hamper their sexual life as sexual contact may not be advised during that time due to the fear of aggravating the infection. So, to lead a normal sex life it is very important that the vaginal health tips are correctly followed.

For a safe and sound reproductive system-

For a safe and sound reproductive system

To be able to conceive, it is very important for a woman that her periods are regular and no vaginal problems occur in her body. Many vaginal infections are capable of disturbing the natural process of menstruation which in turn affects the reproductive capacity of a woman. There are many cases which prove that vaginal infection in the internal organ of the body is a potential reason of many fertility problems in women.

For having a safe pregnancy-

When a women is at the best point of her life i.e. when she is pregnant, it doesn’t mean that there is no need of appropriate vaginal hygiene at that time. Even during pregnancy, when there is no menstruation, there are several vaginal infections which usually occur and cause difficulties for the pregnant woman and pose a threat to the developing baby with chances of spreading infection.

For a normal routine life-

It is very important that women are free from any type vaginal infection which may affect the day to day life, work and other activities done by her. Vaginal problems bring discomfort in the daily tasks and there is certainly an unexplained irritation due to that.

For enjoying sexual encounters-

Sexual relations are totally dependent upon the signals of the brain and if the brain finds sex as exciting it surely is, but if you are suffering from a vaginal infection, you won’t feel like having sex at all and due to this reason the sexual life of a woman suffering from vaginal infection is likely to be missing in action.

Do share your tips to maintain vaginal health for a woman