Aging brings many unwelcome changes to women’s skin. While cosmetic products, plastic surgeons, botox therapies and beauticians are most focused on the changes happening to their faces — wrinkles, laugh lines, and a thinning and drying of the skin — the same thing is happening to genital tissues. The result is old & dead vagina which may not be so ready for the same sexual pleasure & experiences for you and your partner.  Therefore, women as they age should not only look for anti aging solutions for face but also find the ways to prevent the changes in vaginal tissues health.

An international survey of 4,246 women aged 55-65 found 39% of them experienced symptoms of vaginal problems. Two-thirds of the women described these symptoms as moderate to severe and 60% found these symptoms to impair their quality of life in terms of sexual experiences, pleasure and unhealthy sexual relationship with their partner. The problem of vaginal discomfort and painful sex is on the upswing and it increases further to impact our life as we age. 

Before we get into the way to protect vaginal aging, it is prerequisite to understand that how aging, menopause or child birth can affect the vagina which is listed below. 

• Vaginal tissues become thin, dry, and less elastic 
• Vaginal secretions decrease with reduced lubrication 
• Vaginal infections increase (as the healthy acidic pH of the vagina increases) 
• Discomfort with urination and increased urinary tract infections can occur 
• Fragile, dry, inflamed vaginal tissues may tear and bleed 
• Women with menopause induced by cancer treatments may have additional injury to the vaginal tissues from chemotherapy or pelvic radiation 
• Vaginal changes often result in pain during intercourse or pelvic exams 

Given the fact that as we age, our vagina goes through lot of changes and it also needs a similar care as required by our face which we fix up by doing cosmetic therapy.  Luckily we have some great remedies which can help in maintaining the youthfulness of our vagina so that you can enjoy similar sexual life without any pain or dryness. 

There are several hormonal and non hormonal treatments available which are recommended depending upon the conditions and age of a woman. The hormonal therapy works upon the estrogen level of the woman to increase the thickness and elasticity of vaginal tissues, restore a healthy vaginal pH, increase vaginal secretions, and relieve vaginal dryness and discomfort with sexual activity. But, by virtue of being hormonal therapy, it comes with lot of several effects.

Then there are some non-hormonal therapy which includes good vaginal gel like Everteen in the form of lubricants or moisturiser which you can use to retain the health of your vagina. Amongst all, Everteen is considered as one of the best vaginal gel which acts as an anti aging gel to vaginal tissues and restores vaginal health while reducing vaginal dryness. 

So, if you are an aging woman then a combination of kegel exercise along with regular use of Everteen vaginal gel is a perfect Anti-aging therapy for your vagina.

It is also recomended for the women in their early 30s to practice anti-aging therapy to delay the aging process.