Women suffer from certain health issues owing to the different phases of life processes they undergo. Right from puberty, menstruation and reproduction the course of biological actions in their life changes drastically. After remaining fertile for a reasonable span of time, they experience menopause. All these changing procedures tend to make an impact on their sexual organ and this is the reason of the numerous cases of vaginal infection in women.

Generally, any kind of infection in the body creates a very unpleasant & uncomfortable situation and affects the daily routine. Here, our main focus is to know the problems experienced by women who suffer from vaginal infection in their daily lives including the discomfort caused while getting intimate with their partner.

Vaginal infection complications in daily life-

  • Discomfort in daily activities-

When you are suffering from any type of vaginal problem which includes dryness, irritation due to itching, bad vaginal odor etc. it is likely to affect the daily life as you feel unhealthy from inside and are not able to do the regular tasks of your life.

causes embarrassment

It is a tendency among women that they feel embarrassed when they come to know that they are suffering from a vaginal infection due to the conservative approach of the people who treat sexual infection as a bad thing. So, it is very natural for them to feel so and experience a psychological discomfort.

  • Vaginal infection causes infertility-

In many cases it is seen that some vaginal irritations are the root causes of infertility in women and affects a natural and fruitful life of a woman because of the inability to bear children. That is why it is recommended to treat any type of vaginal infection at the earliest so that the fertility issue doesn’t arise at all.

  • Vaginal infection causes stress-

Vaginal infections like itching and odor tend to affect the normal functioning of daily life and women feel stressed as they can’t work normally and perform well in their career due to the lack of confidence in them which may only be induced again, once they are healthy and free from any infection.

  • Vaginal infection causes irregular menstruation problems-

causes infertility

There are problems in the monthly cycle if a woman is suffering from vaginal infection and it may be possible that she experiences heavy flow or sudden bleeding in them. This is likely to create problem in living a normal & relaxed life.

  • Causes lack of sexual interest-

A healthy body and mind is needed to indulge in romantic & intimate relations but if a woman is suffering from any vaginal infection it is very important to note that sexual desires are temporarily affected and woman experiences a lack of sexual drive or lower libido which affects her sexual life badly. This is also a major cause of depression in many women.

If a woman is suffering from vaginal disease, it is quite obvious that she will not be able to enjoy the sexual experience thoroughly and in case of infection like vaginal odor it causes great discomfort in sexual intimacy by creating an embarrassing situation for both the partners.

Infection like dryness or irritation may lead to pain during sexual relation which gets added to her misery and make it difficult for her to deal with.

  • Prevent Vaginal Infection-Herbal hygiene wash

Don’t worry, you are not alone; every woman at one point of time of her life do experience one or more vaginal health issue and experts blame it to poor hygiene practice followed by women. A simple change in your daily practice can let you avoid all of these vaginal hygiene issues. And this simple change is as simple as using a natural intimate wash daily which can help in preventing infection and reduce odour or itching problems in vaginal area so that you enjoy undisturbed routine of your day. It is also observed that some women do apply soaps or scented shampoos in desperation, however it further aggravate the infection in vaginal area as these soaps or shampoos contains chemicals which are harmful to intimate zone.  Therefore, include an habit of daily wash of your intimate area with some good quality natural intimate wash and enjoy your day without wary of vaginal infections.

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