How To Stay Fit After Having A Baby

It is such a marvelous experience for a woman to hold the baby after birth. It feels as if all the painful and the emotional challenges she faced during her pregnancy has suddenly faded away by the sight of a little self-image of her.

laughing baby playing with mother

Delivery is a real life experience which Mother Nature has evolved in a special way. There are so many changes that occur in your body to make your body capable enough to bear the pain of delivering. Amidst all that it is also important for the mother to take care of herself too after delivery the body needs to get back in shape. For this, it is essential for her to take out some time from her routine activities and devote her energy in staying fit after delivery so that all the changes in the body that occurred during her pregnancy can be adjusted.

Here are a few tips which will help you in getting back in shape after your baby has born-

stay hydrated enough


Well, after delivery you may feel relaxed like never before because the baby weight you carried for nine months is just lying in front of your eyes… So, ideally don’t hurry things and take few steps to start your workout routine. Either you had a normal delivery or a C-section; it is advised to take adequate rest for the first four weeks after delivery. In some cases of C-section delivery it is advised by the doctors to take rest for at least 10 weeks before presuming any rigorous physical activities.

Well, it is good to start slowly by brisk walking, stretching and doing yoga for the initial phase. Weight training and intense cardio exercises should be avoided for few more weeks. In this phase firstly your body needs to be prepared for the intense physical training ahead by building stamina, improving posture, gain strength etc.

This is the most amazing experience for a woman which is gifted to her after delivery. It takes about 500 calories for a mother to be able to breastfeed her baby so it is an ideal calorie burning activity for mothers. But one thing that should be followed strictly is that proper nutrition is also a must for mothers to breastfeed their babies without putting a strain on their bodies.

  • Ø Staying physically active-


observe signals from your body

It is important for a mother to stay active after delivery. For this doing household chores and attending to baby requirements is a great option.

It is very important to constantly push yourself to exercise regularly. Due to lack of motivation you may not feel like shedding the extra pounds you gained. Try to work out with a new mother like you and you will be motivated to get back to your former self.

stay motivated

After baby is born there is a period of six months when the baby is totally depended on milk, either by breastfeeding or formula milk, so utilize this time to get back to shape as the baby sleeps most of the time in a day. Plan your schedule according to the baby’s activities. Spend time with your partner and take help from him too to keep you motivated to get back to shape.

So, as the baby grows there are so many things you require for the growing baby. So shopping and exercising at the same time will earn you some extra time to use. Put your sleeping baby in the baby carrier and head to a shopping mall and do your shopping. Take some rest for few minutes and again roam around the mall. Use the stairs carefully and take few breaks. Wow, that was a really smart and fun way to get your body moving…!

  • Ø Stay Hydrated enough-

It is very important to drink lots of water so that you don’t have any issues related to digestion as you are breastfeeding your baby that time.

  • Ø Observe signals from your body-

The moment you have started doing mild exercises you may feel little tiredness because for the past nine months your body structure was entirely different but as soon as you feel any abnormal pain or discomfort, nausea or bleeding just stop at the immediate and consult your doctor to figure out the reason. Resist any kind of physical activity until the doctor gives you a green signal to do so.

  • Ø Never go beyond the limit-

It is very necessary to know that there is a certain limit to doing activities to get your shape back after delivery. You can’t take the risk of putting a stress on your body just to get rid of the extra weight. Remember you have a baby now and there are certain responsibilities related to it. It is advised to proceed slow and steady and that is what will give you the result. So always keep this in mind and make yourself committed to achieving it.

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Herbal hygiene wash

Do share your tips of staying fit during pregnancy:)

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