Romance is the genesis of a relationship between couples which contributes to happiness and health in that relationship. But it is not easy to keep a romantic relationship alive throughout the life which is quite evident from the rising cases of divorces in love marriages. It is observed in a survey that more than 40 percent of marriages end with divorces affecting several people around that relationship like children and relatives.

Nobody wants to get into such an unpleasant end of a relationship yet it happens, what steps you can take to protect your romantic relationship, here is little assistance for you. 

Lets Talk: Communication is an important factor for maintaining any relationship. A regular and frequent conversation helps the relationship to sail steady and the conversation should be beyond children and household chores. Couple should explore the discussions over the subjects which are more personal and deeply connected to partner. It discloses the sense of concern and relieves the other partner with an assurance that there is someone who is concerned about that subject for you. If you keep your concern or problems within your mind or heart it can result into resentment.  Therefore go ahead and have discussions and lot of conversations; even on those points which you feel the other one can not help in but “Just Listening also pays most of the times”.

There are always disagreements in any relationship but what actually damages the situation is our response style, the fighting style and destructive behaviour. Destructive behaviour amidst arguments like shouting, criticising or pulling out of discussion can lead to break up than managing the situation with a constructive behaviour like to find out how other partner is feeling, understanding his/her point of view or try to create humour when other is losing temper etc..

Invest in interests: Due to the rush of daily routine, official work and commitments, it is difficult to stay connected to the partner. Yet, it is advisable to make an effort to keep things interesting for the relationship. Like, in a study it was found reported boredom during their seventh year of marriage were significantly less satisfied with their relationships nine years later.

Therefore it becomes important in a relationship to invest your time to keep things in interesting and it can be as small as going for a small walk for an icecream in night. Out of your routine work, plan date nights at regular intervals.  Change is the spice of life; going for date or candle light dinner on the same restaurants, watching movies at home only all this stuff becomes boring over a period of time. Ts good to break out from the routine type of dates or routine type of engagement and try newer things like go for dances sometime, take some interesting classes together. Taking weekend classes in a subject which is interesting for both works well as it gives a feeling of college life and youthfulness and bring the sense of being with each other.

Sexual relationship is also one of the important components of any romantic relationship. Let’s not go with sex by a fixed calendar, it may have no charm and attraction for your partner. Let the physical and emotional aspect come out without any fixed calendar.

Every relationship has ups and downs, so don’t’ worry. It just requires a cool mind and thinking partner who comprehends the situation and feelings. Just focus on the positive side of your partner and understand why you did like him or her when you decided to engage for a lifelong journey.