As it is said that more you hide it more it will get complicated; the story of vaginal dryness is almost same. As vaginal dryness affects every woman at one point of time, they prefer to suffer in silence while compromising their quality of sexual life and relationship with partners. 

Finally the word is out that vaginal dryness has physical and emotional bearing on the women and her male partner. Although vaginal dryness is evidently reported in young age too these days but it majorly affects the post menopausal woman and it’s a story of every second woman that she chooses to suffer with dryness of vagina along with dried sexual relationship due to the associated pain. The woman who suffers with vaginal dryness experience pain during sex and consequently the woman (couple) avoid sexual intercourse. The suffering of vaginal dryness and it’s impact on sexual, physical and emotional part of relationship is discovered by the recent study conducted by George Washington University School of Medicine. According to the survey conducted amongst post menopausal woman, it was found that 58% of surveyed woman avoid intimacy with partners due to caused vaginal discomfort. In the study named as Clarifying Vaginal Atrophy’s Impact on Sex and Relationship (CLOSER), 64% of woman agreed to the loss of libido due vaginal discomfort and 64% of woman experienced pain during sex making the entire course less pleasurable. 

Vaginal discomfort associated with dryness directly affects the response and sexual behaviour of male partner as per the study. 30% of men quoted that they ceased sexual activity with their female partner due to the discomfort associated with vaginal dryness and more 50% men admitted that sex was not a pleasurable experience for them which resulted in 78% of men avoiding intimacy with their female partners.

On the other side the women who are using some sort of therapy to treat vaginal dryness, they reported more satisfying sex with their partner. Even most of the men reported to look forward to having sex after their partner started using some vaginal gel to reduce vaginal dryness and as many as 29% reported improvement in sex life. 

So ladies, why do suffer in silence and compromise with your quality of life and sexual experiences? Here are some tips which shall help you to prevent & manage vaginal dryness:

1. Drink plenty of water: as it will help in increasing the moisture around vaginal area too.

2. Don’t use perfume or sprays: as these contain chemicals which affect overall vaginal hygiene. 

3. Don’ Douche: as it can disturb the pH balance of vagina and can cause vaginal infection.  

4. Wash your vagina regularly: with some quality natural intimate wash. Don’t use inferior vaginal wash which contains chemical, soaps or SLS; only use natural intimate wash.

5. Consume foods: which have fats so that to maintain adequate level of sex hormones, eat foods which contain fats as it also helps in reducing vaginal dryness.

6. Consider a good quality Vaginal Health Gel: as part of good vaginal health habits and use vaginal gel like Everteen as it helps in reducing vaginal dryness and also revitalizes vaginal tissues.