How to deal with monthly periods pain-

Menstruation is a monthly occurrence which is exclusive to the female species. Woman starts menstruating from the moment she reaches puberty. Some women have a normal monthly period while some face abnormal pain in the abdomen from the day they start menstruating. In general, this is known as Menstrual Cramps and is caused because of the shedding of the inner lining of the uterus which is regulated by hormonal secretions in the body. This pain is bearable for some while many women need certain medications to deal with the pain caused. But what if you don’t want to take medications to deal with the pain, then there are certain important things which help in dealing with the menstrual cramps in a natural way. Here are few home treatments which will help in getting relief from the menstrual cramps in a holistic manner-

monthly period pains

Hot water bags are readily available and deal with the pain very effectively by warming and relaxing the muscles of the abdomen which gives you immediate relief. This is the most traditional method of dealing with the monthly period pain.

Yoga has been one of the ancient forms of medication & relaxation practiced all over the world. It has some specific positions which target the abdominal & pelvic areas of the body and helps in blood circulation to those areas which give relief from the menstrual cramps.

  • Ø Physical exercises-

Whosoever told you, not to move and stay in bed while menstruating, was not right as it will not help you to get relief from the pain in any way. Physical activity is advised by most of the doctors to deal with the unbearable pain caused by the monthly cramps as during mild exercise there is proper flow of blood to all the body parts which will ensure the oxygen supply to all the muscles including the abdominal muscles too.

Make it a habit to do some mild exercises while you are having your periods as this will definitely get you some relief from the pain.

  • Ø Have a healthy diet-

It is very important to include healthy foods in your diet as weakness may be one of the reasons that you are having great amount of pain during your periods.

  • Ø Keeping Hygine:-

It’s important to maintain hygiene during periods as chances of getting infected are higher at that time.It’s always advisable to use products which are herbal such as everteen intimate wash which is SLS & SLES free.You can buy the product from here

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  • Ø Seek Doctor’s advice-

If you feel that all the remedies which have been applied by you to deal with menstrual cramps have failed to give relief to you then it is advised to consult your doctor and have a check up to ensure that it is nothing more than the menstrual cramps. Sometimes other uterine problems also cause such severe pain in the abdomen similar to the pain due to periods.

  • Ø Consume warm drinks-

To deal with the menstrual pain it is also a good option to consume warm drinks during that period. It will certainly reduce the severe amount of pain. Green tea, vegetable soup are the best options.

It is very essential to lower your caffeine intake as it may have a negative effect on the proper blood circulation which will further aggravate your pelvic pain so better stay away from it.

  • Ø Abdominal Massage-

This is yet another effective method which will help in reducing the pain. Massage your pelvic and abdominal area softly with your hand. With your fingers do circular movements around your belly button and you will feel that you are getting some relief from the pain. This is also a personally tried method which helps me a lot.

  • Ø Adequate sleep-

Sufficient amount of sleep is also necessary to help you with decreasing the abdominal pain. As the sleeping position helps your body muscles to relax and as a result you feel a difference in the amount of pain.

  • Ø Take a hot water bath-

Taking hot water bath is also another brilliant and tested over time method to deal with the monthly period pain. This is my personal experience and I practice this religiously every month and no doubt it helps me a lot to reduce the pain very effectively.

  • Ø Take health supplements-

It is also seen in many cases that lack of certain vitamins and mineral deficiency in the body affects the body and a painful menstrual cramp happens to be one of them. Try to take vitamin supplements and mineral supplements like calcium and magnesium as this will certainly provide you some relief from the constant pain.

  • Ø Maintain your weight-

It is also seen that weight issues have an adverse effect on the menstruation and being overweight counts to be one of the reasons that you are suffering from the severe monthly period pain.

Keep a check on your weight and try to maintain it as per your height and age. This will definitely be very relieving for you for the future too.

  • Ø Wear comfortable clothes-

Always wear comforting clothes when you are having your periods. Clothes which exert unnecessary pressure on the abdominal region are a strictly not advised.

So these are some of the natural methods which can be put to practice to help you deal with the monthly period pain and give you relief in a natural way without the fear of any side effects on your body.

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