How you can transform your arranged marriage into a “Love Marriage”-

Almost every person agrees with the popular saying that ‘Marriages are made in heaven’ when it comes to an alliance of a man & woman in a social institution called Marriage. The question of choosing partner by one’s own will or by the choice of parents and other family members is the major point of difference between love and arranged marriages.

When two individuals are well acquainted with each other and are involved in a romantic relationship they eventually get married to attain the approval of their relationship in the society and in the eyes of Law. Their union is known to be Love Marriage. There is a certain level of understanding for each other’s emotions as they are well aware of the ideology and nature of their partner.

have fun filled moments

In arranged marriages, the alliance is set by parents and other close relatives by going through various options. It is not like arranged marriages are done blindly and are fixed within fraction of seconds. They are fixed after research and recommendations of other acquaintances and require several sittings between the family members of both the sides before finalizing things.

In love marriages, love develops between the couple from the start of their relationship or knowing each other while in arranged marriages; love happens after the alliance is fixed and proceeds to happen gradually with the passage of time.

Sometimes arranged marriages take place within a short span and there is no time for the couple to understand each other and get to know more about each other. So in that case, there are adjustment problems between them as both of them are ignorant about each other’s behavior and ideas. So, how to cope up in that situation is what this post is all about. It simply means how an arranged marriage can be transformed into a loved one so as to keep the relationship pleasant & harmonious.

Here are some points which give you a clear idea of the things to do to make your arranged marriage seem to be love marriage-

Try to understand your partner:-

Love marriages have this great advantage that they understand their partner very well and know exactly what kind of nature the person has, so they behave with each other accordingly. Devote some time to your relation and mark the temperament of your partner and try to understand them properly so that there are fewer chances of tiffs.

Don’t let ego surface in your relationship-

communicate with your husband

Ego is something which destroys any beautiful relationship, and marriage already is a very sensitive relationship so never bring ego in your conversation or behavior. Love marriages don’t have an ego problem because they are so obsessed with each other only, that they don’t find any ground of comparison with each other or their respective families or socio-economic status.

Try to reconcile your differences-

If you think that your partner is an altogether different individual and your views don’t match with them, try to sort out things through a peaceful & light hearted conversation about your opinion and point of view. Give time to your relation and reconcile the matter of different views and expressions in a simple way through proper communication.

Have fun-filled moments and express your love quite often-

Another thing is to make sure that your relationship is not devoid of the passionate romance, which is not only physical but reaches out to the heart as well. Express your immense love for each other and don’t shy away in doing so thinking, how the other partner would react. Build some good fun memories with cute pillow fights and meaningful conversation between the two of you so as to break the ice of the conscious level. Share as much as you can with your partner. Make them aware of all little things about you and your life…J

These things will surely help in dealing with adapting issues in case of arranged marriages.

Don’t forget to share your tips as well 🙂

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