Majority of break-up originates from sexual dissatisfaction and it all begins with infidelity

Woman should take the onus of handling sensitive situations with sexual innovation

Anita and Harish had been a wonderful couple married since 3 years and Anita had never imagined that sexual ignorance in such a close relationship can have such a strong bearing on emotional set back leading into a divorce. Though she always felt that it was a very fulfilling relationship and she cared for everything required to maintain a healthy relationship with Harish. Yet she always had this feeling that Harish was upto something which is mysterious in nature but untold until she finds the truth of his sexual relationship with a female at his office. Why did you do that? What was wrong with me or in our relationship? Why did not you share if you were not feeling fulfilled with me? Well, that’s where Anita went wrong in understanding the man; Men do not express their dissatisfaction in majority of cases and rather indulge with other woman to explore the unmet need of sex with their original partner.  It is near to impossible to accept another woman in partner’s life therefore Anita and Harish broke up after a long chaos and tension at their house.

Why did you do that? The question put before Harish stands for all men who get into a relationship with woman other than their partner. Though it was a very strong relationship emotionally both for Harish and Anita but we need to understand that sexual dissatisfaction has a strong impact on emotional aspect and sometime it is very hard to disassociate the sexual and emotional linkage. It may sound stressful for woman but protecting an emotional bonding demands some sexual interventions by woman to bind the man in a strong relationship. In 70% of the divorce cases, it is observed that, couple were not sexually satisfied leading to an unhealthy relationship and break up at the end. It is, therefore, imperative to innovate on the bed and it can start with understanding the sexual psychology of your man.  The man psychology revolves around having some sexual encounter which is fresh or sometime with female who are virgin. Experts recommend that freshness is something a woman should focus upon and it can be very easily maintained by using some vaginal revitalizing & tightening gels like Everteen.

Then, there are cases when women fall prey to the unsatisfactory situation like the sexual dissatisfaction arising out of usage of birth control pills. Birth control pills are associated with sexual dissatisfaction in woman.  In a study in 2000 couples it was found that woman who are on birth control pills were not having a sexually satisfied life with their partner.  And supporting the lower sexual satisfaction in birth-control couples, previous research has indicated that females with genetically similar partners express lower sexual satisfaction and have a higher interest in having sex with someone who isn’t their partner; essentially, they think about cheating. They found that women who had been on a progesterone birth-control pill when their relationship started expressed sexual dissatisfaction and desire to cheat.

So Woman, It is hard to expect innovation from your man who even can not express dissatisfaction, It is you who should always try to bring freshness in the relationship with some small sexual innovations in sync with the psychology of your man. Let you be Desirable Always making him to chase you than any other woman.