5 ways to keep the fire alive in your sex life-

Romance is the key of a successful marital relation and sex plays an important part in it. Physical intimacy is at its best when the relationship is new and there is a lot to be explored but as the time passes there are other things in life which capture attention and the responsibility towards those things affects the sexual relations.

There are many couples feel that they don’t find any excitement in sex kin their later life, as they used to feel in the initial years of togetherness. It seems to be a weekly chore for them and the excitement and longing for sex seems to subside due to the pressure of responsibilities and other matters of life. This is the time when any external attraction may deviate the feeling of sexual fantasy and put a relationship or marriage into danger.

Here we will know about the things which will help in keeping the sex life new and sensational as ever so that the urge of physical intimacy is always present between the couple.

Make sex exciting-

make sex exciting

When the relationship between a couple is new there are lot of things which remain unexplored and this uncertainty makes the sexual act very enjoyable and makes a person want it more and more. After few years when they both are aware of the likes and dislikes there is a certain boredom which creeps in their sex life and it becomes just an activity for them. To make your sex life new as ever it would be a good idea if you surprise your partner in the act of intimacy and do those things which they would never expect from you. This will surely turn them on and make them reach out to you all over again.

Look attractive & sensuous-

look attractive & sensuous

It would be a better idea to spice up your life by changing your look before going in front of your partner. Dressing up in sexy clothes will make the boring chore exciting as never before. Remind your partner about the good old days when your sex life was at its best. Take care of your beauty and groom yourself so that when your partner sees a glimpse of you, they are not able to control themselves and fall for you again.

Try different positions-

try different positions

It is also a good idea to make your sex life happening by trying various positions of sex so that you have an altogether new experience and you are eager and willing to explore more of it every time you have sex. Always experiment with the sexual positions as it tends to prevent boredom and gives lots of surprising experiences to your partner.

Play Sex Games-

play sex games

The bedroom is not merely for doing the act and sleeping off. You can make it more exciting by delaying the course of sexual act by playing games like truth or dare or the blindfold game. This will superbly act as foreplay for your partner and delaying things would make the sex even more rewarding and satisfactory.

Try to initiate your partner for sex-

try to initiate for sex

This is commonly seen that one partner initiates the act and the other one just follows and this is what makes sex turn boring with time. It is high time to stop shying away in initiating sex thinking that how your partner will react to it. Surprise your partner and invite him to have physical intimacy with you. For this you can prepare a romantic ambience in your bedroom with candles & flowers with some music. This will surely excite your partner and they will feel to explore more emotions with you.


How do you keep the fire alive in your marriage?

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