5 Precautions To Take Before You Have Sex

An intimate relation between a man & a woman is essential to provide an enduring base to the relationship. This is all about the mental and physical satisfaction they acquire from each other as they are psychology structured in that way. Sex is considered a healthy way of expressing love for each other which is basically a physical act but attains some inexpressible emotions and makes it an altogether functioning of the body.

Well, for some people sex is planned and it is like an “every Saturday” activity, but some may find its charm in the spontaneity attached with it. Many people have agreed to the fact that their most exciting sexual experiences were those which were unplanned and associated with just go with the flow kind of intimate emotions.

So, planned or unplanned, sex is always a pleasant experience as it relieves the body & mind by releasing those hormones in the veins. Here, we will know about those important things which should be kept in mind before getting physical with each other.

Practice Safe Sex-

practice safe sex

This is the most important point to be taken into consideration by each and every person who is sexually active. It is not a matter of hesitation to be protective of your body from the side effects of unsafe sex. There are many contraceptives available in the stores and they are not merely for advertising itself. They should definitely find way in your wallets and handbags to save you from some serious consequences of an unprotected sexual relation.

Be intimate with one partner-

be intimate with one partner

It is very essential to be in a physical relation with such a person whom you know very well so that you are not at the risk of receiving any STDs from them during the course of action. In that case, using barrier contraceptives like condoms will keep you safe.

Ensure Personal hygiene-

ensure personal hygiene

Before having sex it is important to take care of those unwanted hair on the pubic region and other body parts as they may prove to be major turn offs for many couples. The same applies to body odor too. A relaxing shower before doing anything will give you the most enjoyable experience with your partner as that way you will feel more confident about your own body and the whole act of intimacy will be more pleasurable.

Never use Drugs & Alcohol before having sex-

never use drugs & alcohol

Intimacy in itself is a mature decision and when you have made up your mind to enjoy it then don’t let drugs & alcohol become a hindrance in that. These intoxicating substances tend to spoil the emotional balance and the person is not in a state of stability to perform any kind of intimate act. It is best to refrain from drugs before doing any physical act.

Get educated about it-

get educated about it

Last but not the least, it is necessary to know little about the act of physical proximity from family or friends so that you are aware of it’s know-how’s and don’t give a sudden reaction to it. This point surely needed to be before only, but because of the indispensable need of having a safe body first, this found its way to the bottom. When you have a healthy body that is safe from any infection, no one cares that you are an encyclopedia of sexual knowledge or not, because theoretical description is quite different from the practical version of sex.

What precautions do you suggest to take before having sex?


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