10 tips to make your long distance relationship work-

Long-distance relationships are quite common these days owing to the different choices of career made by a couple. These long distance relationships are attributed to mainly the changed economic scenario and the tough competition in the job opportunities in a particular city. But relationships too are a vital part of a person’s life so distance is not an excuse anymore for a person to be in a romantic relationship.

So, there are certain things which are taken into account to maintain a long distance relationship. On a personal note, I have two years experience of long distance relationship with many ups and a few downs…! So, I think it would be appropriate for me to provide some tips to make your long distance relationship work.

 regular communication

Communication is the key to long distance relationship and stick to this golden rule because lack of communication is the only foe of any relationship be it a regular or a long distance one. Talk over regularly with your partner even if it is for a few minutes only. Daily bonding over your conversations builds up your relationship and there are lesser chances of misunderstandings.

trust & honesty

Another tip for your long distance relationship is to be honest with your partner and trust them completely. This takes a lot of effort from both the partners as you are far away from each other and can’t catch up or meet over coffee and make things work. But if you trust your partner then you don’t need any meeting to sort out things between you two as it can be done over the phone too.

persue & focus on common interests

Long distance relationships attribute for common interest activities that you do, even if you both are apart from each other. Talking about the movies, books, sports or a hobby you do from your individual places is also a unique way to bond with each other.

keep the romance alive

It is a good thing to keep the spark ignited in a relationship and seeing your partner daily will keep it up. But what if you can’t see each other much due to the miles between you two, it doesn’t mean that you don’t need to keep up the romance. Write surprise love letters to your partner. This will raise the longing and wait for your partner for the next meeting…J

  • Ø Plan to see each other often-

It is a good step to make sure to see each other quite often and don’t let the miles between you make any adverse effect on your relationship. Plan your trips when your partner too has some free time so that you both can have a fair share of quality time to spend with each other.

  • Ø Deal with distractions and set boundaries-

This is essential to cope up carefully with the distractions (other man/woman) you have around you. Opposite sex attraction is very natural especially when the partner is miles away from them.

Set boundaries in your relationship with other man/woman at work or a social circle so that there is no question of any weak moment.

  • Ø Imagine your future with each other-

It is important to have a clear picture of your relationship with each other and that you want to take the relationship to a more committed and stable one. Build some future plans with each other and talk over some future dreams. This will definitely strengthen your relation as you plan it to be one of a lifetime.

  • Ø Make your partner feel Wanted

It is expected in a long distance relationship to put equal efforts from both the sides and don’t think that it is one sided affair. This type of relationship needs a constant motivation from both sides that you are very important for the other partner and that you value the relationship to a great level.

When it comes to physical desires.Even if you are living away from each other make the other partner feel wanted.Work on your physical as well emotional relationship.

  • Ø Understand each other-

This calls for having a clear understanding level with your partner. Living apart may sometimes affect your meetings due to family responsibilities, work pressure and deadlines so that doesn’t mean that you have a fight over it; instead respect each other’s commitments and understand their point and plan your meeting or date on any other day. This is hard but not impossible…

  • Ø Always be positive for your relation-

Don’t go by the popular belief that long distance relationships don’t work. Put your efforts in the correct places and see for yourself that you can make your relationship work in any condition. Manage your work life such that you have time for your long distance relation. Be positive and also communicate positive thoughts to your partner who is living so far from you.

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