10 Rules of Dating-

Dating is when two people are interested in each other and they spend time together in order to figure out that the attraction they feel between them. Dating starts on a very casual note and may end up in serious decisions like marriage or sometimes it doesn’t end as expected. Well, unfortunately there are several cases in which dating have proved to be the worst nightmare of the girl’s life…

There are a few set of rules set over time which are to be taken into consideration when you are dating someone.

  • Ø Keep your head high girl!-

This is particularly the basic rule for a girl to feel unique by herself. When you feel that you are confident and beautiful, you won’t need to find a date for yourself as you will already have a number of date requests…

Always remember that men like strong, intelligent girls where the beauty of the face doesn’t matters so much. A beautiful face may earn you many date proposals but none of them would reach their ultimate goal of a serious commitment…!

Ø Be a little mysterious-

rules of dating

It is not necessary to open up every minor detail of your life in front of your date. This is not required unless you both have figured out that you are compatible with each other and want to continue seeing each other.

A little secrecy is essential for your relationship as men like to explore more about you so let them remain curious till the right time comes.

  • Ø Don’t keep your ‘dating’ under wraps-

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It is very common that girls don’t tell about their dating in the initial phase due to the fear of being judged by their near ones for their choice of person she is dating. But it very important to at least involve one close friend who is aware of the things going on so that in case of any unfortunate experiences there is someone you can talk to or take help from. It is also essential in case you went on a date with a random guy and he starts blackmailing you so there will be one more person who could do something for you to rescue you from that kind of situation.

  • Ø Always meet at a public place-

It is very necessary for girls to go on a date where there will be a lot of people around. You don’t know the person so well that you tend to accept going with him to secluded place until you have full faith on him. After a considerable time you should take this step to spend time with him alone, until then it’s a strict rule to follow. Well usually men who are really genuine don’t encourage these types of meetings themselves as they know the value of your relationship and care for you with all their heart.

  • Ø Put efforts in your relationship-

If you really like the man you are dating and you think you are getting the same response back then you should put efforts to nurture your relationship with him so that the dating experience turns out to be very rewarding and happy for you.

  • Ø Never lie about things-

It is better to tell the truth rather than hiding things about your personality, job, family & your background just to impress your dating partner. It is not at all advised as the person will eventually learn about it in due course of time, so it will be very embarrassing for you to justify things afterwards.

Ø If you think of getting Intimate



While dating it is very common for couples to get intimate and if you are thinking of it lot many times and want to go ahead with it then making the right move is very important.You want to make your first intimate move as the best one so using Everteen vaginal tightening & revitalizing gel  will make your moment pleasurable and will lead to a happy unforgettable memory.

It is really important that both of you give time to your relationship and invest your energy in strengthening that only rather than exchanging gifts very early because those gifts won’t hold any sentimental value if offered or accepted too soon after your dating has started. When the two of you have known each other for a good span of time, then it is appropriate to gift each other to compliment your relationship and that gift will be special to both of you forever.

There are many cases where you cannot stay calm if you have recently started dating. This calls for a quick assessment that you are not over excited about the dating scenario and in the process you give a wrong impression that you are very desperate about your relation. Even if you are, don’t show it to your partner as this may not be a good move from your side.


It is high time to leave behind the memories of your previous relationship (if any) and concentrate upon the new relation you are entering. Never discuss the details about your previous relationship in front of your dating partner and, not to mention, never compare him your ex-boyfriend as there are many chances that the current one eventually adds to your list of exes…!!

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