Feminine Hygiene is very important for the overall healthy being of a woman’s body. Poor hygiene in the intimate area leads to cause number of genital problems and disturbs the normal & sexual life of a woman to great extent. Women who are working are more prone to these problems mainly because they need to travel quite often and have to use the office toilet or other public toilets due to those odd hours of work.

feminine hygiene

Women have a physiological structure which makes them more susceptible to get infection in the genital area very easily. For this reason, they need to be more aware of their hygiene. This post discloses all those points which working women should always follow to avoid any kind of vaginal infection.

Working women hygiene while travelling

Women find most difficulty in attending to the nature’s call while travelling. The long hours of travel affects the normal functioning of excretion of toxins from the body. These things tend to put pressure on the excretory organs of their body and create health issues.

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Also long hours of the journey tend to make the intimate area a breeding ground of bacteria due to the dampness caused by sweat and results in causing rashes and other irritations in the intimate area. Using panty liners and changing them once in a while will definitely keep the area clean and free from bacterial growth. Avoiding very tight and skinny clothes will keep the intimate area dry and not cause infections.

Working women hygiene in office

Working women need to freshen up at regular intervals in the office so proper hygiene should be maintained. Always carry an alcohol based sanitizer in your handbag to ditch those micro-organisms which may get transferred to the intimate area.

women hygiene in office


Office washrooms are generally kept clean and sanitized but that doesn’t means that they are as hygienic as your own washroom at home. If you find it unhygienic, just ask the cleaning staff to clean it first and then use it. Always carry antibacterial disposable wipes so that after using the toilet you can easily wipe the genital area clean and reduce major chances of getting an infection.

Working women hygiene in public toilets

Public toilets are the most potential places from where you can easily get infected as so many people use them and there is a lack of proper sanitization. If it is really an emergency then only use a public toilet otherwise don’t. Although holding in urine can be really harmful and may cause urinary problems so it is better to use the toilet in a hygienic manner. Make use of the toilet paper to make a toilet seat for you so that your skin or genital area doesn’t come in direct contact with the to

Herbal hygiene wash

ilet seat. Wipe your intimate area by anti-bacterial wipes from front to back and dispose them off. Use a sanitizer afterwards to ensure that your hands are free from bacteria.

Since it is very difficult to avoid the commonly used toilets, it becomes very important for a woman to maintain intimate hygiene. In this scenario, experts recommend  daily use of a natural intimate wash as it helps in preventing vaginal infection and helps in maintaining intimate hygiene. As a daily practice for working or a traveling woman, use of Everteen natural intimate wash can be a great option so as to prevent unnatural odour, itching and infection.   Another option is to carry a disinfecting toilet spray in your purse which can be used to clean the toilet seat in the crucial times.

Vaginal infections can be easily prevented by following the above mentioned points.