Sparkling exterior needs healthy interior. Exterior attracts initially but for making someone to stay long, the interior needs to be beautiful too.

Maintaining good vaginal health is not too difficult yet, we, women give so little attention to it ignoring the fact that its important for our overall health including sexual health.  When we, women make ourself ready for our first sexual counter we think (read imagine) of all possible things with our partner including color of undergarments, sexual positions, response time, duration of kiss, Orgasm etc. But we hardly think about the core of all above imagination i.e. Vagina, Vaginal Health & Hygiene. Not only for sexual health, maintaining vaginal health is important for the overall health of woman’s body. Here are some tips which are recommended by experts and are useful for maintaining good vaginal health & hygiene. How many times you go to a party in dirty clothes? I think, ‘ Never’. You always try to be ready and as good looking as possible. You need to apply the same attitude towards your vagina too, if your vaginal health is not maintained then your sexual experience may not be as pleasurable as you expect.
Needless to say that a good vaginal health shall help you & your partner to achieve better sexual experiences.

  •  Avoid fitting clothing.
  • Wear cotton underwear during the day.
  • Wear only loose-fitting boxers or no underwear at night.
  • Do not use feminine hygiene sprays, douches, or deodorants.
  • Apply good vaginal health gel like Everteen for maintaining the tightening effect and lubrication
  • Change out of wet swimsuits or sweaty workout clothing as soon as possible.
  • Change pads and tampons regularly.
  • Only use pads and pantiliners when you have your period; they are not for everyday discharge, as they keep warmth and moisture close to the body.
  • Wipe from front to back after a bowel movement.
  • Shower or bathe regularly, and encourage any sexual partners to do the same.
  • If sexually-active, change condoms when switching from oral or anal to vaginal intercourse.
Why Tightening Effect:

After frequent intercourse or child birth, vagina loses its tightening effect which makes the overall sexual experience unpleasant for you and your partner. The sexual pleasure and experience revolves around the tightening sensation and grip of vagina and therefore people start feeling disinterested in sex with their partner after sometime. As you and your partner dream for the same pleasure and experience which is missing because of loosen vagina, therefore it is advisable that you regain the shape and elasticity of your vagina. And it is so easy to do by regular use of premium vaginal health gel like Everteen as it will revitalize your vagina and bring back same tightening effect which you and your partner are craving for.

Why Lubrication:

Lubrication plays an essential role in facilitating safe and comfortable vaginal penetration, as it helps prevent irritation, chafing, or breakage of the skin around the labia and vagina. Vaginal lubrication occurs spontaneously when a woman is aroused, but sometimes it may not be sufficient for penetrative sex. In old age or after menopause lubrication problem is quite common which happens due to reduced moisture in vagina and increased vaginal dryness.  To reduce dryness, increase pleasure, and avoid trauma to the skin and vaginal tissues, use of good vaginal health gel like Everteen is recommended. Everteen can also be very helpful for women who engage in intercourse for the first time, as it will act as a good lubricant and enhance the sexual pleasure. Do not use oil-based products (e.g., vaseline) as they damage latex products and may contribute to infections.
So Ladies, the theory is very simple, a visitor may come to your house after looking at the wonderful exterior of your house but he may not stay long if the interior is smelly, bad, untidy or not attractive enough. (Rest is for your thinking)