When he breaks your heart it’s not only your ‘dear’ heart which suffers the pain, your other functions of body also feel it badly. So Ladies, here are the body’s response when Love hurts your heart.
The moment your love partner ends up relationship with you, your adrenal glands release hormones cortisol which increases body’s fight-or-flight stress response. If you were in a very deep relationship and the break up is very strong for you then your stress hormones shall increase heavily and it may take several days (may be year) to settle down in to normalcy for your hormone. It may affect your blood pressure too. So you really need to take control of yourself if you pass through such situation.
Well, Its really difficult to forget all those good days which you spent with him and the worst part start when you see the photo of each other and your bran get a ‘blast’.
You start feeling sick and nervous and you want to see that picture for longer time.  Nothing unusual in this, actually when you saw his face, blood starts rushing to your brain’s pleasure center, the ventral tegmental area and take you into the flashback mode; the good time of yours.
The command center for craving and longing also lights up. It demands attention–one reason you’re obsessed with driving by your ex’s house, visiting his Facebook page or try to listen about him through common friends.
And when you are reminded of break up it sends blood flow to two other areas of brain which are responsible in producing physical pain. That’s why you may feel achy all over, not just in your heart.
Your stressed-out nervous system signals your digestion to slow way down. Your stomach hurts, and you have zero appetite–except maybe for that pint of ice cream.
Immune System: 
The stress of break up might disturb the immune system of your body and it leads to cell-damaging inflammation. This part of your immune system helps in fighting infection and keep viruses under control but since it is weaken now so it may not work properly making your vulnerable to illness. And there are possibilities that you may get sick or develop a cold sore, this is why they say Love Hurts only Heart but Break Up Hurts entire body.
The cortisol hormones released by adrenal glands triggers a pore-clogging oil build up underneath your skin. That’s why you see that woman after break up often gets acne.
If you’re so shattered, some of the hair follicles on your head could enter a state called telogen effluvium and that may lead to hair fall.
Vaginal Health:

If you were in an intimate physical relationship with him then there are chances that you might miss those sexual encounters and the pleasure. You may also feel lost of your vaginal condition and have feeling of sexual damage or “ Not So Fresh” for a new relationship (or may be for a True Love). Though your sexual experience can not be replaced but you can use some premium vaginal health gel available in market like Everteen which are useful to revitalize your vaginal condition and make you feel like fresh & virgin with ultimate tightening effect to your vagina.

And Lady, Don’t Worry, The life will be back on track again. You are a strong and wonderful woman and you will get a better person for you. Soon enough, it will have you thinking, Yes, it was for the best. And your all body functions will come to normalcy and you will find a great New Love.