How he is going to like me or my dress today? Is my lipstick seductive enough to draw his attention? Is my dress revealing enough to have all his eyes on me? And bla..bla.. This is the everyday struggle of a girl so that she makes him to roam after her.  The above struggling points from a daily routine of a girl may sound ‘Overstated’ for man but this denotes all together a mindset and ownership of the girl about a “ RELATIONSHIP”. 
Isn’t she very serious about maintaining or earning a great relationship with him. Yes She is. But how man takes it can be derived from the famous quote “ In Love, Women are professionals and men are amateurs”. So she does it professionally.

But what makes woman literally attractive or beautiful may not be her lipstick, hair color or dress! Its her attitude and confidence which sets her apart from the class. I have personally observed how man falls prey to the attitude of a girl. The infatuation to her outer make-up generally does not stand long in lot many relationships but her attitude and the way she carries herself makes the entire story worth telling. So here are the best 5 tips you may like to follow so that he sticks around you always:
  • Don’t try to impress him: The most desired girl in the group never try to impress him. Believe me, “Not trying to impress him” attitude works with all man. But yes, Don’t be arrogant. Follow the thin line of difference.
  • Be a challenge to him: Man loves challenges and let you be the biggest challenge of his life. If you present yourself easily then the relationship shall take a road of lesser distance which ends with sexual relationship. The achievement of having you is something which should drive him crazy and give him sleepless nights.  “The relationship earned with pain and difficulties info herpes stands longer” this is what he believes in subconsciously.  It does not mean that you make him to suffer with some painful conditions, point is that; don’t offer yourself so easily that he does not value it.

  • Social & Emotional Intelligence:  Man loves intelligent girl. But you need not to be a pythagoras to showcase intelligence. Your emotional and social intelligence is quite good enough to bring him on his knees.  How the society is evolving, how to earn & secure relationships, how emotions are stored and invested in are some of the points which he is searching answers for long time. Believe me, most of the men are insecure about their relationships and they always look for a person who is master of the art of securing relationship both socially and emotionally. Point is that you should not behave as dumb person. What so ever beautiful you are, Men don’t like dumb girls. Men perceive dumb girls as a sex object only.
  • Regards to attention: You check him out if he is seeing you and give regard to his attention which is a great booster for him. You should not make him completely ignored or make him embarrassed therefore a timely and frequent look and attention does well for him. A compliment for his choices (dress, color) shall showcases your liking and taste too, therefore don’t be stingy in praising him for his taste, selection and choices.
  • Let him talk sex: Well, I am not denying that sex is an important part of relationship and so is  this for you too. Let me tell you, he is thinking about sex from the moment he met you. So let this feeling be nurtured carefully to make that counter happens in a great way. Let him initiate the conversation of sex and let you not try to be so conservative about this. Be confident and graceful to accept the discussion on the topic but it does not mean that you go gaga about sex before him. 
Everteen Feminine Intimate Care Expert

Everteen Feminine Intimate Care Expert