Vaginal Dryness: Meaning & Causative Factors-

Few days ago, I was surfing the internet and read about a woman enquiring about whether a feminine wash would also be effective in treating the problem of Vaginal Dryness? And then, it struck me to dig more and I came to know more about the problem so as to share with you all about it…!

Vaginal Dryness-

vaginal dryness

A healthy vagina has an acidic ph balance is its self cleansing biological mechanism keeps it clean and maintains the ideal ph of the vaginal environment. There are secretions from time to time so as to keep the vaginal area free from any bacterial or yeast infections. These secretions are also evident after an intimate relationship so that the fluid exchange doesn’t upsets the ph balance of the vaginal area causing infections and other problems.

The vaginal secretions act as lubricating agents to keep the vaginal area free from the itchy and scaly feeling due to dryness. These secretions are regulated by the female hormones which are responsible for the overall reproductive functions performed by a woman. The hormone estrogen plays a vital role in keeping a check on these things pertaining to a normal and healthy vagina.

In general, vaginal dryness is not a concern for many women until they are near to having menopause, because it is mainly a problem which occurs in most of women when they stop getting periods. Well, in the recent years, everything seems to have changed very rapidly. Nowadays, the hormonal changes and major lifestyle changes have left women with a number of problems, which were bound to happen during menopause itself, to face them much earlier.

Causative Factors of Vaginal Dryness-

Irrespective of age, vaginal dryness is not at all attributed to menopause only as a number of other factors are also responsible for this ailment experienced by many women. Here, we will know more about the factors responsible for vaginal dryness.

  • Hormonal imbalance-

painful intimate relations

A woman goes through a lot of hormonal changes in her entire lifetime from puberty to menopause. There are evident changes when a woman becomes sexually active or during pregnancy and may be while breastfeeding. These changing levels of hormones and that too particularly the female hormone, Estrogen is mainly responsible for causing the vaginal dryness in females. Estrogen helps in keeping the vaginal tissues healthy, maintain the normal lubrication and acidity of the vaginal area.

  • Stress & Anxiety-

stress & anxiety

It is a common problem experienced in most of the women. Stress surely affects the secretions of hormones in the specific organs of the body as it is the brain which controls the hormonal regulation in the body, so if the brain doesn’t signals because of stress or depression, as a result there is no lubrication in the vaginal area, making it dry and scaly.

  • Medicinal prescriptions-

medicinal prescriptions

There are some medications which are known to disturb the hormonal level like birth control pills, allergic medications as well as Asthma medications. Cancer treatments like radiation and chemotherapy are also the causative factors of decreasing the vaginal lubrication.

  • Lifestyle disorders-

The recent time witnessed a drastic change in the way of living of women. Nowadays, drinking and smoking is quite common among women owing to the level of stress they are being subjected to and it is one of the prominent reasons to disrupt the natural processes of the reproductive system and hamper proper blood circulation in the body which results in causing vaginal dryness in them.

Alcohol is known to dehydrate the body and due to which there is a fluid imbalance in the body which again causes dryness in the vaginal area.

diseases & infections

Common ailments like diabetes affect the sexual arousal of a female and there is a certain lack of the lubricating secretions for the intimacy and there occurs the problem of vaginal dryness.

Common infections of the vaginal area are also potential reasons of dryness in vagina causing painful experience in the intimate relation

use of irritants

Sometimes, there are several other causes of dryness in the intimate area other than the above mentioned ones. They may be perfumed sprays, synthetic intimate washes, scented tampons, douching with chemicals and uncomfortable fabric of the undergarments which are really able to disturb the level of ph of the vaginal area leading to dryness and irritation.

So, these were some basic things which have been known to be possible reasons of vaginal dryness among a lot of females. Once you are aware of the causes, there are lesser chances to get affected by them as it would become easy to take of things that will harm your vaginal health.


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