To make yourself irresistible to your man, you need to go beyond the old age formula of 16 Adornments (Solah Sringar)

Sex is the barometer of a relationship and what you bring to it will decide how irresistible your man finds you. You should charm your partner with a well-nourished, tightened and revitalized vagina because what happens in the bedroom is carried forward in a relationship. It is historically proven that man enjoys more pleasure with a tightened vagina and so is proven for woman too as they achieve frequent orgasms if the vaginal grip is significantly good.

You may not even notice when sex starts eroding in your life due to daily chores of life but it is an indicator that something is definitely not going right. In a survey amongst couples it is observed that men gradually lose interest in sex with their partner as they don’t feel the same pleasure due to laxity of vagina and women lose the interest as they don’t achieve the same orgasm due to loose vaginal grip and vaginal dryness. Loosen vagina and vaginal dryness significantly affects the sexual intimacy, experience and pleasure and if it is not maintained timely it may affect the interest of your man in you. In that scenario even your 16 adornments approach like beautification of your body do not make enough impact to attract him back to the bed. Before it starts affecting your quality of life and relationship with your partner, it is imperative that you rekindle the same spark in your life by adopting some premium vaginal tightening & revitalizing gel like Everteen.

This is also for you if you are a woman who has been married for many years and now find your partner disinterested in you. You would not like to get into a situation where your man suddenly becomes disinterested, pulls away and finds someone else. It may happen post few years of marriage or post child delivery. Sex and child birth, both affects vaginal conditions making it loose and wide, therefore it is advisable that you maintain your vaginal health and tightening effect so that the sexual pleasure and interest for you and your partner is protected.  

Other than vaginal laxity, in majority of relationship it is vaginal dryness which plays havoc in maintaining a healthy sexual relationship with the partner. On an average 17% of women between age group of 18 yrs and 50 yrs fall victim to vaginal dryness, however it affects almost 35% of women in age group of 50yrs to 60yrs. First thing which you should know about vaginal dryness is that you are not alone suffering from this common condition and encourage yourself to take the first steps towards regaining your sexual confidence and quality of life. Dryness in your vagina can contribute to making sex uncomfortable, painful and may result into your decreased interest in sex. As per the study 16% of women experiences pain during intercourse which is due to dryness or less moisture.  The problem of vaginal dryness can be treated very well by regular use of Everteen gel as it helps in reducing the dryness and lubricate vaginal area with good moisture.

The old age formula of 16 adornments may not be attracting your man these days, so, take your first step to reinstate the same sexual intimacy with your partner by maintaining vaginal health and protect your relationship with him for lifetime. You can seek more details on sexual relationship or vaginal health at and bring back the action in the bedroom.