Summers are approaching and many of us who have been fed up with the long winter season are looking forward to enjoy it to the fullest. Summer season brings with itself lots of seasonal changes which make it necessary to adapt ourselves according to the changing climate. Hot & humid climate is the basic characteristic of the summer season and continues throughout the summer season with slight variations depending upon the fluctuations of temperature. Here are some essential tips which should be followed in summers so as to maintain proper hygiene and be away from skin diseases due to the scorching heat in the summer season.

Don’t miss taking your shower

  Shampoo & Condition your scalp

Summers are known to raise mercury levels to new heights and make people sweat a lot. The constant perspiration serves as a breeding spot for germs and bacteria which cause itching & irritation over the damp area of the body. To avoid this, it is advised to never miss hitting the shower and get soaked in fresh water so that these germs are washed away from the body and relieve you from creating irritation or infection on the skin surface.  

Prefer wearing cotton fabrics-

  Prefer wearing cotton fabrics

The high sweating in the summer season requires a comfortable and absorbing fabric like cotton so that the body is dry and all the perspiration is fully absorbed with it. Cotton fabric doesn’t causes sweating in the summer season which makes it the perfect fabric for summer wear. Undergarments made of cotton fabric should be preferred in the summer season.

Wash your face daily:-

  Wash your face daily-

  The summer season is all about heat and perspiration which makes the skin sweat a lot due to which the sebum production is promoted and as a result there is accumulation of oil over the surface of the skin which results in pimples & acne. To combat this problem, it should be made sure to wash the face at least two times a day to keep it clean. Weekly exfoliation is a great idea for the skin in order to scrub off the dead cells and dirt particles which are present on the skin.

Don’t forget to apply deodorants-

In the summer season people tend to suffer from body odor due to constant perspiration which encourages bacterial growth and gives foul smell. So, applying deodorant or anti-perspiring sprays after bathing will relieve the body to a greater extent.

Take care of intimate areas-

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During summers, itching and irritation is commonly observed surrounding the intimate areas due to continuous sweating. The high temperature doesn’t allow these areas to be dry and cause rashes and itching which may worsen if not overlooked properly. For this purpose, it is imperative to wash intimate area daily with a good quality intimate wash. If it can be natural intimate wash like Everteen Natural Intimate Wash, that is much better as some of the vaginal wash contains chemicals which can create infections around intimate area. In case you already have any odor or itching problem, a daily wash with Everteen Natural Intimate wash will certainly help in preventing the odor and irritation and keep the intimate zone clean and fresh.  Don’t use any scented soaps or shampoo in your intimate region as it may aggravate problem down there.

Shampoo & Condition your scalp-

Hot & humid climate affects the texture of hair to a great extent. The exposure to sun rays makes hair dry & brittle which break easily. Also summer season makes the scalp oily due to sweating and you may feel your hair to be stinking due to it. It is advisable to shampoo at least thrice a week during summers. Along with using a good shampoo don’t forget to complete your hair care regime by following up with a good conditioner so that you have soft and manageable hair after wash. This will prevent dust & dirt to accumulate on the scalp which causes dandruff and other scalp irritations.

Don’t forget to share your tips for maintaining hygiene in Summer?

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