Knock.. knock. Who is that? Its winter season. 

You open the door and the chilly and freezing air makes you feel to get back inside.  Quilt, sweater, coats. Jackets, any apparel which can help us to keep our body warm are out and stick to us as if they are expressing their die hard love to our body. We wait winter season throughout the year and this is the season which we enjoy most yet we dread of it. And you know why? 

Along with the fear of touching water which sends the cold waves throughout the body, the winter season exposes other health issues like dry skin, sore throat, cold and many others. As our skin or throat don’t like the winter season so is our intimate part i.e vagina. Covered up in tight and synthetic cloth, our vagina faces the most uncomfortable and unhygienic situations during winter season. Though this is the most enjoyable season of the year yet our vagina may not like it if we ignore the right care of our intimate parts during this season. I need not to tell that it can affect those intimate moments which we planned to have with our partner to have under the quilt in this freezing season. 

There are many things which affects condition of our vagina and most of them are related to our lifestyle….Well the first and foremost is that we become little lazy during winter. So What?

Washing our vagina is an important practice but we may try to ward this practice off in winter which makes things more problematic. Our shower duration comes down and so comes the habit of ignoring vagina wash during this season. On the contrary it needs more care in this season and that too in a natural way. So don’t forget to wash your vagina with some natural intimate wash. Some of us, who tries to get out of shower as soon as possible (laziness), apply the same body soap or shampoo in intimate parts. To save time, let us not load our vagina with chemicals as it makes our vagina to acquire infection resulting into vaginal irritation, unpleasant odour or burning sensation in vaginal area. If we already have some sort of unpleasant odour, irritation or dryness then it will aggravate it further. So don’t hurry to get out of water and give a little extra care in the winter season by using some quality natural intimate wash like Everteen which has no chemicals or soaps. And I am sure Vagina will love it. 

Another point which may not be related to lifestyle is the season itself. The winter season is not a very friendly season for vagina as it supports infection in vaginal area. In that way it becomes more important to wash our vagina regularly with Everteen Natural Intimate Wash which can help in preventing infection and help in protecting unpleasant odour, vaginal dryness and irritation in vaginal area.

Then, there are other things like our eating habits, tight fitting skinny clothes which affects the vaginal health in this season.  Eating the right food which contains probiotics is a good idea to keep and maintain vaginal health. As far as clothing is concerned, the nylon and lacy stuff looks sexy but it does not breathe air which can make an infection to breed in vaginal area. So go for cotton underpants which can allow air around your intimate parts. 

So, as we prepare for our clothes, beds, homes in this winter it is advisable to pay attention to our lady parts too. Otherwise it can actually affect those intimate moments with our partner under the quilt and may make us feel guilty of enjoying those moments at best. The quilt which we are making ready for this season for those pleasurable moments should have romantic fragrances not the unpleasant odor of our vagina which may turn off the entire mood. 

Go and enjoy the winter season with fullest and let your Quilt cover up your romantic moments and not your guilt or unpleasant moments. Happy Winter Season.