It is rightly said that romance blossoms in summers as you can have an easy go attitude with it. Most of the people plan for a romantic trip mostly in summers. With the summer season round the corner, it is a perfect time to plan a trip with your husband. It is not necessary to have any special occasion for planning a romantic trip and summers give you an awesome opportunity to take a break and rejuvenate your relationship.

Here are some tips which should be considered to plan a romantic getaway with your husband and rekindle the love and passion in your married life.

Plan intelligently-


Plan intelligently


According to the destination plan your expenses and make a budget for it. Make reservations in advance to avoid last minute rush and prevent your trip from being ruined.

Break the surprise news much before the trip-


Ensure the right mood and surrounding for initiating sex-

It is not advised to get all secretive with the trip planning as it may be possible that he has some deadlines which need to be accomplished at the earliest. So, telling him in advance means that he can sort out the pending assignments accordingly and can head to the destination with a peaceful mind. But in case you keep in under wraps for the longest time and tell him just few days before there are many chances that your trip will be called off at the eleventh hour.

Make a wish list-

Before going to the place for summer vacation make a wish list prior to going the place and make the trip a little exciting for both of you. The wish list can include surfing on the sea waves, paragliding, mountain climbing, river rafting or anything of that sort. This planning will make you & your husband all excited and the trip will surely be a memorable one for both you.

Pack your stuff accordingly-

While planning a summer vacation trip decide the duration of the vacation in advance and make reservations for the same. When all that has been decided, start packing according to the duration of the trip. Make a checklist of things which you need to carry along so that nothing remains forgotten. Carry clothes that would suit the climate of the place you are heading to. Don’t carry loads of stuff with you. Carry your beach dress if you are heading to a beach destination.

Plan some surprise for your husband-

It is a brilliant idea to surprise your husband by planning a dinner date while both of you are alone on the trip. Alternately, you can arrange a private celebration and some romantic chit-chat with your husband at the place of your stay. Don’t forget to carry your sexy outfit for the dinner date.

Don’t forget you camera-

This is something which will remind the beauty of the place and the wonderful time you spent with your husband. The beaches & mountains too would be captured with this…:). Make best of pictures of your summer vacation.

Manage to get a leave from work

It is a good idea to apply for leave from your office so that any last moment crisis doesn’t ruin your trip. Before going on the leave try to finish off the pending work so that after returning you are not stressed due to excess work pressure.


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