Sexual intimacy takes into account the level of emotional attachment with your partner. When a couple is involved in an intimate relationship, they indulge in sex for mutual pleasure which is the basic physiological need of the body and an effective way for the body to relax the stress level and increase blood circulation in the body. The height of sexual ecstasy is known as Orgasm and occurs in both men & women.

Men are known to easily attain orgasm in the form of ejaculation while women need to be sufficiently aroused because their genital setup is related to the emotional pleasure in a sexual act and they achieve orgasm only when they are fully elevated and attained the height of sexual excitement.

It is generally found in many researches that women take a longer time to have an orgasm while men are able to ejaculate very easily with their partner’s stimulation. So there are many instances in a sexual act when women involved in an intimate sexual act fakes her orgasm in front of her partner.

fear of being emotionally hurt

There are many reasons that women fake most of their orgasms in order to make their partner feel good about him and also to satisfy the male ego as the sexual satisfaction makes a man believe that he is very strong & manly.

While faking an orgasm is alright on some occasions when you feel your partner is about to ejaculate without you being fully elevated, so you fake it to let him feel that it was not his fault. But if faking becomes a habit and repeating this again & again makes the man understand that you are not at all indulging in the act and that you hurt his feelings by not telling the truth about your satisfaction.

Here is a piece of advice to most couples, to refrain from hiding their real feelings for their partner towards sexual satisfaction and don’t attempt to fake it. Occasional faking is allowed in order to reach to the excitement level but it should not be habit to fake it always.

faking orgasm

Women think that expressing their true self or the real feeling of having an orgasm will leave them to the chance of being hurt by their partners at some point in life. This thinking leads them to fake the intimate acts between them.

 Many women feel that by faking an orgasm they will save their partner from the embarrassment of not having reached the height of sexual ecstasy by his penetration alone. So, to escape from this situation they fake the whole act and let it be as normal.

Women should learn to believe that their sexual pleasure need to be fulfilled in order to lead a relaxed and stress free life and faking it always leaves them in the midst of attaining satisfaction and it hampers the mental level to a great extent. Having reached an orgasm makes a woman feel really elevated from the inside and the release of the happy sex hormones in the body further makes the whole sexual act satisfactory and extremely pleasurable for them.

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So, women should stop themselves from faking the big ‘O’ and tell the true feelings to their partner about being sexually satisfied or not so that both the partners don’t get hurt when the truth is revealed after sometime.


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