How to stay fit during Pregnancy-

Pregnancy is a very important phase of a woman’s life. It marks a sense of inexpressible delight for her. It is one of the best forms of recreation which the universe has endowed to the human being, particularly woman. Pregnancy is not just giving birth to a new life; instead it is an experience of a life creating another one.

Pregnancy is one of the most complex biological processes in a woman’s life. It is this process in which two living beings, the mother & the baby, grow and evolve simultaneously. It is this time when you start feeling an unmatched sense of responsibility from within. The onset of mental ideology, about how this phase of motherhood is going to affect you as a person, also starts developing in the mind.

Pretty pregnant woman holding a bowl of salad while standing

Well, pregnancy is not all about only glorious days…! It comes with own set of rules and responses which depend entirely on the hormonal & emotional factors.

The phase of nine months may be loaded with extreme mood swings, anxiety and fear for no reason while there is also a happy state of mind, as you are preparing to welcome your own self. Nobody can perfectly give you a list of experiences which are bound to happen in the same way with you. Each woman has her own experience in this regard and just like the human DNA, the experience too is unique in its own way. Even two child births of the same woman are very different from one another.

So, ideally a generalist approach is applied over matters relating to pregnancy such as nutrition, fitness, health & emotional well being.

Here we will have an overview of things which relate to being fit & healthy during pregnancy.

Tips to stay fit during Pregnancy-

Young  pregnant woman with scales.

Pregnancy marks the onset of rapid changes taking place in your body. It accounts for both emotional & physical changes in the body. Here we will emphasis on ways to deal with the physical changes taking place in your body during pregnancy.

  • Eat Healthy-

It is commonly advised by most of the elder members of the family to eat profusely when you are pregnant but eating abundantly will not do any good until you eat nutritious food in calculated amounts. A balanced diet, as per directions, of your doctor is very essential for the optimum growth of the baby and your body. Always include calcium, protein, iron and vitamin rich food items in your daily diet.

Once you are pregnant, your doctor will prescribe you some food supplements consisting of folic acid, vitamins, iron & calcium. Follow it very religiously as it will help you deal with any health related issues.

  • Think positive & don’t get stressed-

This is the time you have all in your hands so use it wisely. Try to focus on being positive about things and don’t take much pressure on your mind. It is also a good opportunity to engage yourself in your favorite hobbies or things which usually give you pleasure.

There are times when you are prone to get stressed over small issues related to your weight and the way you look .Try to calm down and relax yourself. Watch your favorite movies, listen soft music or meditate.

  • Motivate yourself to be fit-

Right from the beginning of your pregnancy, make a routine of activities which you would do regularly. Always take doctors advice for the activities you can do in your each trimester.

Light workouts & yoga are proven stress- busters and relaxing techniques which are advised by doctors too.

A brisk walk in the morning & evening will fill yourself with the positive vibes and freshness so that you can easily deal with side effects of pregnancy.

  • Examine your weight-

Well, pregnancy is not the time to push yourself to lose weight. It is a strictly prohibited thing to attempt while you are pregnant. Preferably, engage yourself in some exercises which will help you to stay in shape to some extent. This will enable you to shed the extra weight post delivery very easily without putting much strain on your body after the child birth.

  • Keep the body hydrated-

It is very important to keep your body well hydrated because of the added nourishment your body provides to the developing baby. It is also necessary to drink lots of water to ward off the constant fatigue.

Water is also essential for the proper digestion and flushing out wastes from the body through urination. It also combats constipation & acidity which are common problems faced by woman during pregnancy.

  • Remain active throughout pregnancy-

It is really important to be active during pregnancy because this will not only make you feel good from inside but will also keep a check on the extra pounds you are stocking up.

Pregnancy certainly requires adequate rest but that should be combined with some activities too. Try to do things like walking in your garden, doing usual household chores, not rigorous ones of course. Believe it or not but this will be much better than just sitting on the couch because it will help you get good sleep at the end of the day.

If you manage to be active throughout your pregnancy or at least more than 7 months then there are no chances of complications in your delivery unless you have any other fertility related health problem.

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