It all starts with Flirting!

Don’t take flirting otherwise; we all know that most of relationships graduate to love from flirting only; It all starts with Flirting. Flirting is not just fun rather it is an integral part of a human culture and social aspects. When we like someone, the interaction tends to begins with flirting only.  It’s a form of casual expression to an opposite sex which some of us like to transform to a better level over a period of time called ‘Love’. If you really want to charm someone with your flirting skills, there are few tips as ‘Flirting Points’ which may come very handy to you.

  1. Harmless Flirting: Dignity is an important aspect of human being and everyone wishes to be respected A-Flirty-well, therefore you should not do anything which harms the self respect or dignity of the person you like. Sometimes we get carried away with our flirting flow and cross this barrier of dignity which in turn ruin the entire relationship setting a very negative impression.
  2. Parties & Functions: For the person you are liking, parties and functions are the most suitable places for flirting. Parties & Functions make the entire ambiance light and casual which sets the right tone for flirting. Similarly, you should explore other moments and occasions too which are casual in nature like drinking places, funtime at workplace etc.
  3. Generous Compliments: Compliment is the most powerful tool of flirting. Human mind and body is positively tuned in to positive compliments and the brain stores compliment information for a longer time. So you should try to be generous with filling up your flirting time with compliments. People recommend this as one of the best flirting points when you are really serious about someone.
  4.  Sense of Humor: Don’t take flirting as just a simple thing to do. Its an art which involves intellect, body language, presence of mind and a good of sense of humor. Good sense of humor with appropriate body language makes a deadly combo for flirting with the person you like.
  5. Don’t Mix with Teasing: Some people get confused with flirting and teasing however both are separate interpersonal expressions. Where flirting should give a positive and funfilling impression whereas teasing can create a negative impact. There is a very thin line between flirting and teasing and make sure that you don’t mix up both.Flirt or Tease
  6. Sex with Flirting: You should be careful that your flirting advances do not showcases the sexual desires as it may be irritating for the person initially. You should always wait for the right time so as to embed sexual expressions in flirting which has to be done when both of you have become comfortable with each other. Let your flirting is graceful enough so as to persuade the second person to reciprocate with his or her style of flirting points.
  7. Flirt with a Goal: You should be clear of the goal of flirting which may have two aspects; “ Flirting with Intent and “Flirting for Fun”. In both the cases you select appropriate person with whom you are flirting and that should also match with your wavelength and goals so as to avoid any unwanted situation in the later stage.

 Now with above 007 bond’s flirting points, go ahead to charm your person and share your inputs with us in terms of how you really scored while flirting.