Scheduling regular Visits To Your Gynecologist

Woman have a complex reproductive system as they are the ones who nurture the embryo to a baby over a period of nine months which involves an array of highly specified functioning in the body. Woman being at the receiving end while conceiving, undergo a lot of physiological modifications in her body to make her capable enough to carry the baby in her womb for a whole 40 weeks…!

As a teenage girl reaches puberty, it marks the time when she may feel the need to see a Gynecologist and get examined and afterwards when a woman is going to be sexually active or is getting married, she needs to schedule an appointment with the Gynecologist. Even after having babies it becomes important for a woman to visit the Gynecologist because of the hormonal changes that take place with the advancing age, which may affect the sexual well being and the health of your reproductive system too.

Here I would like to include those important things which mention the importance of your regular visits to the Gynecologist-



This is the onset of maturity of the reproductive organs of a girl and the first period is a remarkable event in a girl’s life. For some it was easy to deal with while some faced a lot of problems due to the hormonal changes occurred during that time. This is the perfect and most probably the first time a girl visits a Gynecologist and it is really important because the doctor will help you understand many things about your reproductive body and the ways in which you can protect it from any diseases.

Irregular periods/ heavy bleeding:-

If a woman experiences an abnormal heavy bleeding or irregular periods over a long time then it is the right time to visit the Gynecologist as there are many reasons for heavy bleeding or irregular periods which includes ovary related diseases or polyps in the uterus. It is not a matter to wait and let things get normal with time because these things are really serious and ignoring these would lead to major reproductive problems in future.

Marriage or Sexual activeness-

The time when a woman tends to become sexually active or she is getting married both require a pleasant visit to the Gynecologist as sexual activity tends to bring many hormonal changes in a woman’s body and being sexually active means that there is a need to understand the risks related to it, like the knowledge of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). The doctors give you advice on the precautions to be taken during that time. There are several myths prevailing in people about sexual relations and diseases related to it which may require an expert’s counseling so that you are aware of the correct things.

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  • Pregnancy or Prenatal checkup-

If you are planning to conceive or you are already pregnant, then it becomes a compulsion to visit your Gynecologist so that you have the right knowledge of the things you need to keep in mind for conceiving or after you have conceived. Although you have confirmed your pregnancy with the medical kits available in the stores these days, after you missed your periods, it is a good idea to schedule an appointment with your doctor so that you get confirmed news.


Pain in the pelvic area-


pain in pelvic area

If a woman experiences any kind of pain in the pelvic area then a visit to the doctor is a must to clarify things about the abnormal pain. A gynecologist is well acquainted with the basics of a woman’s body and may accordingly advice you about the treatment for the pain.

Painful sexual activity-

painful sexual activity

If a woman experiences any kind of abnormal pain or bleeding (without the periods round the corner) after an act of intimacy then this problem should not be overlooked further and immediate attention is needed on it. A visit to the doctor will help you get relief from the pain. A majority of women do experience sexual pain due to vaginal dryness too and if you are one of them, don’t worry as vaginal dryness is a very common problem these days. You just need to use a good quality vaginal gel like Everteen Vaginal gel, it will help you in reducing the dryness so that you don’t experience pain during intercourse.


Abnormal pain in the lactating organs:-


When there is any pain in the area surrounding your lactating organs, either you are married or not, and you feel any lump in that area it is advisable to quickly arrange a meeting with your Gynecologist so that an early examination will help you in knowing about it because these days breast cancer is very common in woman and due to lack of awareness and very late detection it leads to many deaths all over the world.



When a woman has reached the age of menopause then a six monthly visit to the Gynecologist is very important because menopause itself leads to many hormonal problems and most uterine problems like fibroids or cysts in the uterus may arise during this time itself.

Ideally a woman needs to get regular checkups from the time she reaches puberty to the time of her menopause and even after that. The things which need to be checked on a regular basis are-

  • Ø General physical examination
  • Ø Breast Examination
  • Ø Gynecological checkup
  • Ø Outer Genitals Examination
  • Ø Vaginal Examination
  • Papanicolaou Test– Taken once a year to check cervical cancer or any cancer causing disease
  • Bimanual Examination– Helps in knowing the position of ovaries, oviduct and womb.

Do you have any points to share when it comes to visiting Gynecologist?

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