Welcoming a baby into your life is surely the best thing for a couple but the next best thing would be to reignite your sex life soon after it is advisable by the doctors.

Being pregnant is the most exciting thing for women and it brings along a series of joys to their life on the emotional front. While it is also true that pregnancy tends to change their physical and emotional state to a great extent and they are never the same after bringing the baby in the world. So, what gets affected the most during all this is the sexual life, which is the base of an intimate relationship or marriage.

This post is all about how you can get into action once again after the baby’s birth and be intimate with each other all over again. Here are some points to follow to do the deed between sheets so as to reignite your sex life –

Take out time to relax-

Take out time to relax

This is probably the most difficult thing to ask for, after the baby’s birth, as the little one needs to be fed after every 2-3 hours and other chores also consume your precious time. But still try to take out some time for just yourself and relax. The baby’ nap time would be the best for making a peaceful association with your relaxation technique like music, meditation or a brief walk. This will definitely make you feel boosted up with some energy.

Initiate for the act and take charge-

Men usually are very conscious about their partner’s well being after birth but at the same moment they feel the need to be intimate with their partner again. So, while this confusion takes them nowhere, you should invite him for getting intimate when you feel comfortable with your body.

Work towards getting into shape-

It is also seen that new mothers ignore their beauty & body looks, with an excuse of being a new mother but that is not the right thing to do especially if you are planning to resume sex after delivery. As the extra kilos tend to make you conscious about your appearance and you have a solid reason to not engage in sex with you partner. Engage in physical activities and try to regain the pre-pregnancy shape once again.

Seek your partner’s support-

Reignite your sex life

Ask your partner to help you with some of the baby tasks like sterilizing the water bottles or preparing the baby food so that you have a break from doing all this for some time. Don’t think that you are not attending your baby’s needs properly. Including your partner in all these activities will make him feel closer to you and the need of getting intimate will arise very soon then.

Make time for the Quickies-

After baby is born there is a shortage of time for a couple to get intimate and spend quality time with each other. But it is equally important to reignite your sex life for both of you, so quick sex is the ultimate answer to that. For doing this both you need to talk about it prior to the act so as to not hurt the feelings of each other. Quickies are really a great option for those couples too, who are under too much work pressure. So, don’t hesitate in exploring this, otherwise you will have to wait longer for having a full-fledged sexual encounter with you partner.

Reignite your sex life with vaginal condition-

Post delivery, there are women who do feel laxity or dryness in their intimate region. It is natural as vagina experiences lot of trauma and strain during delivery affecting it’s overall condition. If you are concerned about the laxity and dryness, you should use a good quality vaginal revitalizing gel like Everteen gel. It will help you in revitalizing overall condition of your intimate region by increasing blood flow in vaginal muscles. Infusing tightening sensation and reducing dryness will be a great move when you are getting into intercourse post marriage.


Do share your tips which helped you in igniting your sex life 🙂


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