Every woman agrees to the fact that vaginal health is the key to a normal and stable physiological life which includes the emotional and sexual quotient. In the absence of a healthy sexual organ of a woman’s body, many life processes are hampered. Vaginal health not only affects the physical and sexual well being of women but also obstructs their emotional health in many ways.

There are many ways in which women can save themselves from being infected with any illness in the intimate area. These are some natural remedies which need to be followed in order to prevent vaginal infection in women-

Drinking sufficient amount of water-


drink sufficient water


Vagina is the medium through which liquid waste is expelled outside a woman’s body. The passage of liquid waste tends to be a little painful and causes discomfort while urination due to the lowered amount of fluid intake. This is an alarming situation and needs to be checked immediately so that it doesn’t cause infection in the vaginal area.

Keeping the vagina clean-

Just like we keep our home clean to avoid any mess in the same manner our body and that too the female reproductive organ needs special care and hygiene. Dirty skin and moisture are the cultivating spots of bacteria, so to avoid the situation it is important to keep the intimate area clean & dry as this step will solve out many problems and prevent the occurrence of any infection in the vagina.

Washing the vaginal area with an organic and natural product is really helpful in maintaining vaginal health. On a personal level, I have used the Everteen Intimate wash and I agree with the fact that proper cleaning the vaginal area is capable of reducing the risks of having any infection to a great extent. With a natural and soap free product like this intimate wash you don’t need any special care for your vagina.

Maintaining the pH balance of vagina


Vaginal Health

It is important to follow a certain lifestyle which doesn’t disturbs the normal pH balance of the vagina as that is the ideal condition of the vagina so that no micro-organism is able to sustain in the slightly acidic medium of vagina.

Prohibition of perfumed intimate washes or sprays is the best tip to follow in this regard. As these products contain certain chemicals which are not at all healthy for the vagina and disrupt the normal environment of the inside of the vagina. Any disturbance in the normal level of pH causes infection in the vagina.

Opting for a non-perfumed and extremely gentle intimate wash like the Everteen Intimate wash is the best to be safe from the chemical loaded products available in drugstores.

Adding probiotic supplements to the diet-


Yogurt on bottle

Curd is a natural probiotic food supplement and its regular intake ensures that the body has all the good bacteria so that they destroy the harmful ones in an easy and natural way. These probiotics are also helpful in keeping the count of good bacteria in the vagina in proper proportion with the bad ones so that no infection is caused by the imbalance.


Keeping the vagina dry with cotton fabric-

It is important to keep the vagina dry and free from moisture so that there is no bacterial growth due to the dampness . Always wipe the intimate area with a dry cloth to ensure that no water or sweat is left after bathing. Using an intimate wash, preferably Everteen Intimate wash is the best to keep the area dry as it is free from any soap and cleans the area in the safest way possible. Post-washing a cotton fabric undergarment should be worn to avoid any chances of moisture in the intimate area as the cotton fabric absorbs extra moisture instantly.


Do you know any herbal remedy which helps in maintaing vaginal health ?


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