Must Have Items In Your Diaper Bag

Are you a new mom? Worried about how to get your baby’s diaper bag ready? A lot of books must have told you all about it but practically it may be a little confusing for you to decide the most essential items that should be present in your Diaper bag!

Well, it’s never late for anything and that’s what this post is about. Here is all the information you need to pack your Diaper bag so that when you step out or travel, there is no need to worry about the basic necessities of the baby and yourself.

So, see for yourself what are the must have items of your Diaper bag-


Diaper bags India

Talking about diaper bags and what comes next instantly is a stock of diapers in the bag. It is the most essential item for the baby. The number of diapers to be stocked in your bag depends upon your baby’s age and the time duration for which you will be away from home.

Small babies need more diapers than older babies, so keeping this in mind pack the appropriate amount of diapers in your bag.

Baby Wipes-

Must have items in diaper bags

This comes really handy when there is a poop emergency while you are out for some shopping…! Well, every mom needs to master this situation as it is very common for babies to call out for poop emergency when you are just there in a shopping mall checking out some cool dresses for you…L These baby wipes save you from the embarrassing situation when you are out.

Also where there is scarcity of water like highways, the baby wipes perfectly save your day.

Hand sanitizer-

Well after the poop emergency, you will definitely call out for this item which is a good hand sanitizer. This is definitely a must have item in your diaper bag.

Changing Pads-

This item comes along with most of the diaper bags; in case you don’t have it just grab one from a store. These changing pads are very helpful while changing your baby’s diaper. Always remember to pick a water resistant changing pad which can be folded in order to save space in your diaper bag.

Disposable/Biodegradable carry bags-

This comes of great use when you are out and there has been a poop emergency. Just change your baby’s diaper using the baby wipes and put the dirty one in a disposable/ biodegradable carry bag along with the wipes used and dump it in a garbage bin nearby.

If you don’t get hold of carry bags in immediate situations, just carry along newspapers with you.

Feeding Bottles-

feeding bottls in diaper bags

This is very essential for the baby as it happens to be the most important food for your baby, whether a new born or an older one.

Carry along formula milk or fresh milk, whatever you give to your baby, so that if your baby is hungry you can feed him/her.

If your baby is a little older then carry some snacks accordingly.


In hot and humid areas always carry a sipper if you baby has started drinking water. If you baby is still on only milk then you can skip carrying the sipper along with you.

Blanket/ Small Quilt-

This should be ideally carried along in the diaper bag to protect your baby from cold breeze or sudden change in weather. Carry a light weight soft blanket which doesn’t occupy much space in your bag.

Extra pair of clothes-

Always carry an extra pair of clothes for your baby as you don’t know what may come as a surprise for you while you are out.

Bib & Hand Towels-

Always carry two or more bibs as most of the babies tend to drop their eating items while feeding, so the bib prevents their clothes from being dirty.

Also, while feeding a bottle of milk, a bib is essential so that the milk doesn’t drip on the baby’s clothes.

Keep a pair of hand towels for cleansing purposes.

Sling or Baby Wrap-

Carry a sling or a baby wrap for those crowded places where you wouldn’t be able to take a stroller for carrying your baby.

Baby sunscreen lotion & a hat-

Don’t forget to keep a sunscreen for the baby while hitting the beach. Also carry a hat to protect the head and eyes of the baby from the harsh sunrays.

Pacifiers & Favorite toys-


This is also a must have item for your diaper bag as sometimes your baby behaves very strange when visiting a new place, so just give him/her the favorite toy or hand a pacifier to comfort your baby.

Nursing cover & Breast Pads-

Well, this depends totally upon your wish to breastfeed your baby in public or not. If you wish to do so, just carry a nursing cover in your diaper bag. If you are carrying nursing cover along with you, don’t forget to take a pair of breast pads in order to absorb milk leak if you choose to breast feed.

Some Points to keep in mind for diaper bag-

  • Ø The diaper bag should be water proof and should be big enough to stock all essential items mentioned above.
  • Ø Ideally purchase two diaper bags of two different sizes. Keep the bigger one for long duration outings and the smaller one for short trips.
  • Ø Choose a diaper bag with multi- pockets as it will be helpful in keeping your diaper bag organized and non-messy.

Do share with us what are your must have in your Diaper bag 🙂