Hair care tips for winters-

Winter season not only brings about changes in the climate from scorching heat to chilling cold breeze but also changes in your body such as changes in the texture of your skin and hair. Winters also demand special care for hair and require a lot of efforts to keep them maintained. Following are few tips for taking care of your hairs in the chilling winter season-

Ø Using the right shampoo-

using the right shampoo


It is essential that you use the right shampoo to cleanse your scalp in winters as there is a change in the type of hair with the changing climate. The scalp tends to become dry and scaly in this season, so it is better to choose a moisturizing shampoo which will keep your scalp well moisturized during the season.

use lukewarm water to wash hair

In winters it is almost impossible to take a bath with normal water so we generally use hot water but if you are washing your head, it is advised to keep the water lukewarm and not hot because hot water will make your scalp even drier and be more prone to damage.

It is not advised to shampoo daily in the winter season just because you are irritated with the dry and itchy scalp. This will make your hair lose its natural shine and essential nutrients required for them to remain smooth & healthy.

  • Ø Pamper your hair-

Treat your hair with a hair mask, suited to your hair, once in a week. This will keep your hair well protected from the harsh weather changes and also be a good treat for your hair to keep them healthy.

  • Ø Deep conditioning-

It is very essential to condition your scalp deeply with hot oil treatments like argan oil, extra virgin olive oil which are light for the hair and help in moisturizing the scalp.

  • Ø Avoid drying appliances-

Hair tend to take quite good amount of time to dry on its own so it becomes necessary to use blow drying appliances to dry them. In winters the scalp already is dry and scaly due to cold weather and further use of these drying appliances makes the hair drier and more prone to breakage.

  • Ø Use heat protecting treatments-

If you cannot live without hair drying almost every alternate day, then it is better to invest in a good heat protecting treatment for the hair so that your hair remains unaffected from the drying effects.

  • Ø Fight dandruff problems-

Due to the dry and itchy scalp hair produces less amount of sebum and dandruff is very common problem in this season. Use a good anti-dandruff shampoo and treat your hair with some good homemade remedies to fight dandruff.

  • Ø Sport a ponytail or a bun-

If you like to keep your hair open then this might sound a little disappointing as keeping the hair open may increase the chances that it will need more brushing and too much brushing the hair will tend to break then eventually. So, it is better to sport a fishtail braid, pony or a high bun will put the hair in place and protect them from further breakage.

  • Ø Trim your hair regularly-

It is very important to regularly trim your hair to avoid the split and dry ends. So it is a good thought to get rid of those hairs which will not let the hair remain healthy.

  • Ø Keep your hair protected from sunlight-

Winter season is all about taking a sun bath along the open ground or beach but always wear a hat or scarf to avoid over-exposure under the sun as this may damage the quality of hair.

  • Ø Eat green leafy vegetables & fruits-

eat green leafy vegetables

It is important to eat healthy and provide the essential vitamins, proteins and minerals to keep your hair healthy. Deficiency of these in your daily diet will show their effect on your hair.

  • Ø Don’t color hair too much-

If you are fond of coloring your hair more often, it is better to stick to a particular one for a while and not use coloring chemicals on your hair too much. If coloring is very necessary then it is better to use some color protecting spray so that your hair is saved from excessive damage.

Ø Use sulphate free shampoo-

It is of great importance use a sulphate free shampoo if you color your hair because that way your hair color will stay for a longer time and you won’t need to apply color too frequently.

  • Ø Don’t use henna in winters-

As we all know that henna is so good for hairs but it is better to stay away from it in the winter season as it has a drying effect on the scalp which is not needed at all in winters.

So, these were a few tips to take care of your hair in this winter season and protect it from damage.

Do tell us your winter hair care tips?

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