Menstrual Hygiene; 1400 days, a woman faces approximately 1400 days of menstruation in her lifetime starting from the adolescent age. On an average, a woman menstruates between 14 and 49 years of age which is a natural biological process. How a woman manages these 1400 days defines her quality of life and her sexual & intimate health. These 1400 days if not managed with right feminine hygiene practice, it significantly affects overall health of the woman.

In this situation a proper menstrual hygiene understanding is of paramount importance. There are groups of woman who are deprived of proper care of menstrual hygiene and at the same time there are groups who have adopted half-care of menstrual hygiene.

A complete menstrual hygiene or say Feminine Hygiene, includes intimate care with daily wash of intimate area along with sanitary pads. Where the sanitary pads helps in protecting the leakage similarly a regular use of intimate wash helps in making those days comfortable and less distracting. Below are few steps which are considered for complete menstrual hygiene care:

Use clean sanitary pads- Proper menstrual hygiene management starts from using clean sanitary pads. A menstruating woman should use rags, clothes or unclean sanitary pads. Unclean pads, rags or clothes can aggravate bacteria to cause infections or travel up the vagina entering into uterine cavity.

Change Pads frequently- The wet sanitary pads can cause irritation and can lead to infection therefore it is recommended that the pads are changes frequently. Don’t reuse the used sanitary pads.

Wiping vaginal area- After urination or defecation, one should wipe from back to front. If not wiped properly, the bacteria from bowel can travel into the vagina and create vaginal infection. Don’t use normal tissue or clothes for wiping intimate area, it is advised to use Everteen Feminine Intimate Wipes for wiping the intimate area as Everteen Wipes are specially formatted for intimate parts.

Avoid Tampons- Tampons are least recommended protection for menstrual as it leads to vaginal irritation and result into toxic shock syndrome

Use Intimate Wash- Sanitary pads only protect the leakage. It is recommended to wash vaginal area with a natural intimate wash like Everteen. Daily wash with everteen natural intimate wash helps in preventing infection, vaginal irritation and odor. Use of daily intimate wash helps you avoid the discomforts associated with menstruation like itching, irritation etc.

Unprotected Sex- Always have a protected sex with your partner and avoid more than one partner for sexual activity. Unprotected sex can lead to sexually transmitted disease. If you experiences vaginal dryness, you can opt for Everteen vaginal gel which helps in revitalizing vaginal health.

No Douching- Never douching as a method of vaginal cleaning as it can disturb pH balance of vagina and cause infection.

Don’t use soaps- For maintaining cleanliness, never use soaps, shampoo or scented items as it affects the balance of vaginal flora. Soaps or shampoos contain chemicals which can be harmful for vaginal area. Always use a natural intimate wash having no chemicals as it will protect vaginal flora (pH balance) and help you have a happy menstruation

1400 days are a long period in one’s life and the pain & discomforts associated within these 1400 days can be very disturbing. But if a complete menstrual hygiene care is adopted, you can make these 1400 days of your life as good and comfortable as any other days of life. And for a complete menstrual hygiene care, a woman should adopt the habit of using clean sanitary pads and a natural intimate wash. Just don’t rely on sanitary pads as it is only half portion of menstrual hygiene care, the complete menstrual hygiene care should include a daily intimate wash.

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