Menstrual cramps are a common problem among women which continue to be a necessary part of their fertility period which starts with menstruation and ends with menopause.

Menstruation is a complex process of the female reproductive system and affects the fertility of females to a great extent. Menstruation occurs in the absence of fertilization of egg, which is the female reproductive cell, so all the changes that had been done, in order to prepare a woman’s uterus for the fertilization, tend to disintegrate in the form of blood clots and cells. This process of menstruation is regulated by the sex hormones Estrogen & Testosterone and they help in contracting the muscles of the uterus to pump out the inner lining of the uterus in the form of clots of blood. The expulsion of uterus lining out of the vaginal area is regulated by the hormone Prostaglandins. These contractions cause pain in the abdominal region of a woman’s body and they have been given the term of Menstrual Cramps.

discomfort & mood swings

 Menstrual cramps are painful for a woman and affect the state of mood & induce a sense of discomfort in them. They occur at intervals and the intensity of pain differs in each woman. Some find it to be extremely annoying and painful while for some it is a less painful experience. The intensity is mainly due to the hormonal fluctuations in the body which is unique for every woman.

Menstrual Cramps affect the daily routine of a woman in many ways. Below are a few ways in which Menstrual cramps affect a woman’s health-

Irritation & Severe Pain-

Menstrual cramps tend to induce extreme pain in the pelvic area of a woman which sometimes leads to severe weakness in them. The normal activities of their day to day life are affected with this pain. In some woman, the pain is so severe that they are unable to stand or walk for 2-3 days after their period has started.

Discomfort & mood swings-

Menstrual cramps also cause discomfort in the body as they continuously contract the uterine muscles and the changing hormonal level in the blood tends to affect the normal mental state which causes irritation.

Inability to perform tasks-

abdominal pain

If a working woman suffers from severe menstrual cramp, then it is sure that the working hours would turn out to be very disgusting for her. So, it is better to stay at home during that time and attend their work when the period cramps normalize to some extent

Well, all these problems can be easily minimized by following some natural remedies which are quite effective in dealing with menstrual cramps. As of now, another important thing worth mentioning is that intimate hygiene during menstruation is also an essential thing which needs attention. Sometimes lack of proper hygiene during periods lead to cause infections in the vaginal area, as the vagina is sensitive and more prone to catch infection during periods.

So, it is very important to practice hygiene even during periods and make use of a good feminine wash like Everteen Natural Intimate wash to keep the vagina clean and then use a sanitary napkin. This intimate wash being 100% organic in nature & free from soap or other chemicals doesn’t irritate the vaginal environment and helps in restoring the normal pH of a healthy vagina.

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