Men will be Men: ‘X’ No. Of Lies which a man will always say and how you can catch of him-

Women have many complaints with men and this happens in almost all the relationships. Some have a long list of it while some have only a few. Out of the most commonly observed complaints is lying which is attributed to be the most bothersome behavioral issue women find in men. Some males are very good at lying and can easily lie on the face without any guilt feeling in their conscience but there are some who lie on an impulse and do so mainly to avoid certain circumstances.

This post is all about the ‘X’ number of lies which men tell and continue to say throughout their lives and the ways to figure out that they are lying.

Lying about their partner’s features-

 Lying about being different

Men make it a habit to never tell the truth about the beauty and physical features of their partner. They always lie about their companion’s height, weight and other feminine features.

Lying about their partner’s clothes-

This is apparently the most common lie and many women swear to agree with this. Men don’t want to make any comments about the dressing sense or choice of clothes their partner appears in or is interested to buy so they lie about it without going in the details. This is the case with many couples who feel that there is a lack of certain comfort level which makes it difficult for men to tell the truth as a result they lie.

Lying about work pressure-

This is another thing which is preferred by most of the guys to lie about which leaves no chance of being caught. They lie about the stress they face at their work place in order to receive some empathic conversation and emotional support from their female counterparts.

Lying about flirting with other women-

Lying about flirting with other women

This is observed with almost all the guys that they don’t miss any chance of eyeing a beautiful girl other than their partner and eventually lie about it, even if they are caught checking out some girl, by their partner.

Lying about past relations-

It is also seen that many guys lie about the number of relations they have been into before involving with their present partner. They will never tell the actual count of their past relations thinking that their present love interest will leave him or think otherwise about him.

Lying about family-

This is the biggest lie told by guys that they like all the family members of the girl’s family. There may be exceptions but generally it is seen that guys don’t seem to like certain family members but lie to their girlfriends about it.

Lying about the food cooked by their partner-

It is also one of the most famous lies told by men. They don’t want to hurt the feelings of their partner so even if the food has turned out to be horrible in taste, they lie and eat it without saying anything.

Lying about their hobbies-

Women love the fact that their male counterparts are adventurous who likes to engage in various physical & sport activities but revealing about just being a television or video game addict will likely to reduce their chances of dating so they lie about it too.

Lying about being different-

Men will be men and with women involved with them it is not possible that they don’t imagine themselves to be in an intimate relationship and not think about having sex. This is the basic thing men lie about. This is mainly done to make the girl fall for them thinking that they are not like other men.

Women can notice the facial expressions of their partner’s face while they are lying and it is quite obvious from the eye movements and body gestures which depict that they are nervous from inside and are not telling the truth. When a man is telling a lie it is very certain that he will not make a direct eye contact while doing that. So these are some micro-expressions which can easily tell that a man is telling a lie or not.

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