First Date!! When two people of opposite sex are inclined towards each other by mutual liking, the first thing that they do together is to go on a date. It’s not like going on first date means you are in a relationship. It is just a casual way of spending time with the person for whom you have developed recent affection.First Date

Well, a date may be good or bad depending upon the type of conversation and the occurrence of events on the date. If you happen to like someone very much, it is very obvious that you would want to have a serious relationship with them and the first step towards that would be to make your first date a memorable one. Here are a few tips which will ensure that your first date turn out to be a perfect one.

Choose a good location: It is very important to decide the place you where you will be going on a date with the person you like. Always keep in mind that a good location will always remain memorable for the person and they will remember the beautiful association with the place.

Be polite and soft spoken: This totally depicts the type of person you are, so always keep your behavior polite and well behaved because nobody, whether man or woman, likes a person who is not good at words and behavior.

Keep the conversation humorous: It will be a good idea to try to keep your talks joyful and lively because both of you want to remember your date as a great day spend in a great way. Never bring serious topics in the middle of your conversation on the first date. Cracking funny jokes to make your partner laugh out heartily is the best thing to do on a first date.4-Amazing-First-Date-Fun-Ideas

Don’t be nervous on first date: It is natural to feel those butterflies in the tummy before a first date but when you have decided to spend some time, then why ruin the moment by getting nervous. Women, in general, don’t prefer men who are not confident in front of them on a date. Always remember that all you have to do on a date is to have a good time and not give some interview. So keep calm and make the best of the time.

Maintain your looks: Always decide your look in advance to save you from being late in picking up your date. If you are going to an exotic location or a dinner date then dress formally as that would look classy and show that you are definitely taking the person & the date seriously. If you are going on a regular place like a beach or a park or movie, then keep your look to be casual and comfortable so that you don’t look overdressed for the date.

 Flirt a little with your date:  It is not a bad idea to shower some beautiful compliments on your date about her dress and looks. This will buy you another date for sure. But don’t forget your limit as healthy flirting is very good but if you go overboard and talk only about her physical attributes and not pay heed to the conversation between you two, she will surely think otherwise and the date may not be a memorable one.

Take care of the bill:  It is universal rule when going out on a date that it’s the guy who has to take care of the bill so that there is no question of ‘who’s paying!’

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