Intimate hygiene during period plays a pivotal role in improving the health of vagina in women. Lack of proper intimate care gives rise to so many issues like itchy or scaly feeling in the intimate area & other infections.

Vagina is capable of cleansing itself very effectively but sometimes due to some infections or pH imbalance, this ability of self cleansing is disturbed to some extent. The ability of self cleaning mechanism also gets affected during the time of the monthly periods and that is why it is equally important for women to take care of their intimate organ even during periods so as to prevent any type of vaginal problem.

This post is all about how to maintain proper intimate hygiene during periods. So, let’s know the various methods through which proper hygiene can be ensured.

Using Proper sanitary product-


Using Proper sanitary roduct


It is very important to use proper absorbing sanitary napkin or tampon to reduce leakage or staining which may also cause rashes on the inside thigh area. Make sure to change them after 1-2 hours and never use the same pad for more than 2-3 hours. Nowadays menstrual cups are also gaining popularity to be used during menstruation to reduce the exposure of sanitary pads to the vagina for longer durations.

Regular cleansing of Intimate area-


Using an intimate wash for vaginal cleansing


It is also very important that you clean the intimate area regularly as it can be a breeding ground for infections if proper care is not taken. The vaginal area should be cleansed at least two times a day and preferably washed with plain water after every visit to the loo.

Using an intimate wash for vaginal cleansing-


Vaginal area is a direct way through the inside of uterus and due to which proper care by cleansing it with a pH balanced intimate care product is essential. Any soap or body wash should not be used to cleanse the vagina. A personal recommendation is the use of Everteen Natural intimate wash for exclusive cleansing of the vaginal area in a natural & safe way. It is devoid of synthetic chemicals used in making foaming washes and helps in effectively maintaining proper vaginal hygiene.


Always wipe from front to back end-

It is very important to note that while cleaning you private parts, always remember to wipe from front to back so that any fecal matter or bacteria doesn’t travel through hands to the vaginal opening.


Don’t use any exfoliating sponge or scrub product-

The tissues of the vaginal area are too delicate so it is better to avoid the use of any scrubbing product which may damage the tissues of vagina.

Get rid of pubic Hair-


It is very important to make note that pubic hair on the outer vagina are to protect it from foreign particle invasion but they should be trimmed o a regular basis otherwise they become the major cause of infection to the intimate area.

Avoid sexual contact during periods-

It is better to avoid sex during periods as the inner lining of the uterus is disintegrating, which makes it a possibility that the sexual contact may tend to bruise the thin lining of the cervix and cause infection. If you are involving in intimate relations during periods, then using an intimate wash (preferably Everteen Natural intimate wash due to its ideal pH balance & soap free formulation) before and after sex is advised so that there is no chance of any pH imbalance in the vagina and any harmful bacteria is washed away.

Always keep the intimate area dry-

It is essential to keep the vagina dry and ensure that it is free from moisture after shower, as moisture attracts bacteria and cause infections.


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