Precaution for Husband and Boyfriend is prescribed

It may sound a very familiar start to the story but that’s how it is; men fantasize about other woman in the bed. He may be deeply involved with you during sex but the fact

that who he is thinking about at that time remains with in his mind. Some men may just take that as the epitome of infidelity but for other men, this guilt free woman travels out of their mind and meet them in person. None of us know where. Therefore, what is the epitome of your partner; is he keeping that woman in mind only or he has really found that woman or say those women out of his mind too. Why men do that is whole big topic of discussion which has traces in our history too in terms of Monogamy and Polygamy.  But what you can do to control your man or how you can find that is certainly a topic you must be interested in knowing.

Lets not get into the mind of those who are just fantasizing of other woman during sex, rather lets find  if your love partner is involved with other woman personally. Before you really try below tips to find if he is cheating on you, you should know that its just experimental “ Not Judgemental at All”.

Change in protecting his Mobile conversations: Did you notice that he has started taking calls on his phone in private; say he goes out or away when he is answering some call. If it is so, you should figure out the trend or pattern in that behaviour like it happens during late evening/particular time period or weekends. How comfortably he is letting you access his phone can also be one of the sign and in that case you should pay proper attention to the history of conversations or messages…Is he deleting the history of conversations? While earlier he used to maintain the history. Just see if those Love Messages which should come to you are being consumed somewhere else.

Change in time Entry/Exit Home:It can be a sign for you to notice if there is a change in time for coming home. Has he started coming home late than the usual time? Again see, if there is a pattern in that like he started coming late on particular days in the week. In totality, can you see if the total time spent away from home has increased? Then its time to think and explore the guilt out of his mind.

Has become selective in Dresses: Did you find change in his wardrobe selection and that too suddenly? If he has become extra cautious in selecting his dresses or for that matter if he is spending more time in getting ready while he is going out then there is someone who has brainwashed him for making other choices in dresses.

Share of outer World: Earlier he used to talk to you about what happened in the day, the office things, colleagues politics or friends plan. But suddenly he has started avoiding talking about his external world. He spent a whole day outside and does not share what is happening in his external world is a sign that he is trying to protect some secret which might come out due the conversation of his outer world.

Change in Sexual Attitude: What kind of change did you see in the bed? Has he stopped talking about sex in the bed or reduction in sexual indulgence with you? If you see that he is sexually exhausted and even after your continuous sexual tease, he is not responding then there is someone who is better than you in sexually teasing him. Try speaking to him about sex and see if he feels interested in talking about that with least at the same wavelength the way earlier he used to talk.

As I said above tips are just signs and nowhere it can help you concluding but yes, you can keep a track so that you can also find a way to make him come back with you. Generally it is “Sexual Laxity” (as better explained by Everteen) which makes man to think about other woman so it all depends upon you “How innovative you can be in Sex” leaving no space for other woman.