Have you missed period any time? Well, there are many who misses period at some point of time in life. And the first thing which comes in mind after one misses the period is PREGNANCY. What you need to understand here is that pregnancy is not the only consequent relationship period has with you, actually, irregular period indicates that something is not well with your lifestyle and your body. And you really need to pay attention to it to understand the reasons of irregular period (if its not pregnancy) before it becomes a real issue for your body or overall health.

Detecting Pregnancy after missing period

Detecting Pregnancy after missing period

Irregular periods are quite common these days and it can be defined in more than one ways depending frequency or bleeding like having more or lesser period, shorter or longer duration of period, heavy bleeding or less bleeding, twice period within a month or not even once period in a month.

As per experts, the period strikes a woman every 24 to 31 days and it lasts for four to seven days. During period, a woman loses approximately 4 to 12 tablespoons of blood.

So, if its not pregnancy then what else irregular period indicates about? Irregular period (if not pregnancy) indicates that your lifestyle is not right, you are stressed, your anxiety level is abnormal, eating habits are not appropriate and much more. It is more important for those females who are working and have to travel. Creating an embarrassing situation, irregular period can hit you when you are not ready for the situation like not carrying sanitary pads or not properly dressed to manage especially in case of heavy bleeding and many other simple yet worst situations.

So if you are a victim of irregular period then look into your lifestyle and make the necessary correction by adopting appropriate lifestyle. Below are some lifestyle factors which may be affecting your normality of period:

  • Lot of weight gain or loss
  • Over exercise
  • Poor nutrition
  • High Carb diet
  • Smoking
  • Drug use
  • Embarassng SituationCaffeine intake
  • Excessive alcohol use
  • Increased stress level
  • Uterine abnormalities
  • Polycystic ovarian syndrome
  • Hormonal imbalance pertaining to peri-menopause
  • Medications
  • Chemotherapy
  • Recent childbirth
  • Miscarriage
  • Breastfeeding

Analyse above factors and make the right change in your lifestyle so as to achieve normal period. Also, adopt daily hygiene practice like using daily intimate wash as it will help to maintain proper hygiene in intimate area. Its best if you use an intimate wash which is natural as most of wash contains chemicals which can aggravate infection in intimate zone.

In most of the cases, simply relieving stress, better nutrition and adding right nutrition in food can be a natural way to restore regular menstrual cycles.Using an intimate wash for vaginal cleansing

Then there are some women, who are going through menopause, or younger women who just recently began menstruating may experience irregular or unpredictable cycles as well and in such situation consider it as normal. Medications such as birth control and certain health conditions may also cause irregular menstrual cycles. In this situation, it is recommended that you consult with a qualified expert and seek proper treatment.

Don’t ignore irregular period is the way your body wants to tell you something, just understand & work upon it and have a healthy & happy period.