Insecurity in relationships-

Relationships are formed by the emotional quotient of a person. It is a good thing to value your relationship, but if your constant worry for the relationship and its future seems to affect your present then a sense of insecurity in the relationship arises between individuals.

When a person is romantically involved with another, there is a natural feeling of insecurity from the starting itself. Well, it is very true that insecurity in a relationship spoils the relation because of the irritating and fretful behavior of the person involved.

Now, there is a need to figure out the most common signs of insecurity in a relationship and they are-


This most commonly observed sign which shows that a person is insecure. Irrational imagination for their partners can sometimes overcome their stable mind and they start thinking only negative things about their relationship.

Obsessive behavior-

The feeling of jealousy instigates in them an obsessive compulsion to not behave normally and they start acting weird.

Trust issues-

Lack of trust for your partner is the major problem which leads to the feeling of insecurity in a relationship.

  • Fear of rejection-

It is a matter of fact that if a person had any past experiences of breakup or had faced rejection in the previous relationship then it is very obvious that they will feel insecure to a great extent about the new relation.

A good relationship is based upon sharing good thoughts and living life to the fullest by enjoying every moment with each other. It is mutual growth of both the individuals, both personally & socially. If, by any chance, there are certain issues in your relationship or your partner doesn’t treat you rightly then there is a reasonable response that you will start feeling insecure about your relationship.

So, it is better to understand some things in order to overcome the feeling of insecurity and they are as under-

Don’t read minds-

This accounts for the limited communication problem between two individuals and their ability to read each other minds without saying a word. In actual terms, it is nothing else than misunderstandings between both of them. Assuming things without sharing a word gives rise to so many unnecessary arguments which eventually adds to the insecurity feeling in them.

No relationship is perfect-

There is nothing like a perfect relationship, any relation can be made perfect with the help of proper understanding, mutual respect and love for each other. Waiting for your fairy tale of love will never be fruitful because nothing of that sort exists.

When you have evolved personally you can point out your own imperfections and if you are not flawless then it is stupid to assume that the other individual you are involved with to be perfect. So go for an imperfect relationship and stop the assumptions for a perfect one and put all your efforts to make your imperfect relation to be perfectly rewarding for you.

This is really important for an individual to come out of the past and its experiences. Treating someone badly, just because they remind you about the bitter experiences of the past, is not at all justified. All relations are not the same. If you compare your relations with your past ones then it will only worsen your feelings of insecurity.

Think positive! Be optimistic-

It is essential to stop thinking about the entire negative things in your life, be it your past or your present. Don’t imagine things on your own just by being driven by the negativity in your life.

Be confident-

Be proud of what you are and don’t dislike yourself. Confidence is something which makes you believe that you are capable enough of doing something in a correct way. Lack of confidence counts to add the feeling of insecurity in a relation.

Trust your partner-

Major problems of insecurity seeps in a relationship when a person doesn’t trusts the other and keeps planning or imagining that he other individual cannot be trusted. This is really stupid to act like this and unless you have strong enough reasons to prove your suspicion for your partner, don’t doubt them with your own imagination.

These were some points which have been observed over time to be the most contributing things which can help a person to feel less insecure about their relation. Well if you have tried and tested every little advice and you still can’t get out of the insecurity feeling in your relation then it is probably the best to take a step forward and move on from that relation and find someone else so that you can build the perfect relation with them…

 Do you have tips to share when it comes to insecurity in relationship?

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