How to prepare for your wedding-

Getting hitched is probably the most exciting event in a woman’s life. Well, it is equally exciting for men too but they have an entirely different perception for wedding. Woman, on the other hand, have a lot to think about and prepare for the next phase of their lives.

Wedding are lavish and extravagant. It is a special day for both the bride and the groom. Well, there is no big deal to plan a wedding as nowadays all the responsibility is being taken by the wedding planners who are professional and have a good experience in this area.

The actual preparation is not only for the wedding day but for the marriage that takes place and your life afterwards. So, basically that is what needs a little preparation so that you don’t feel like ‘a fish out of the pond’ after your marriage and you are able to adjust according to the new surroundings.

Here are a few tips to contribute in your wedding preparations-

  • Ø Plan your Budget-

 plan your budget

It is very important to get an approximate idea of how much money to spend on the wedding. In that way, you will know the amount of money to allocate to various wedding requirements. Try to make a flexible budget; after all it is a onetime celebration for you!

The date of wedding is very essential to be fixed before a reasonable time, say two or three months, so that other numerous preparations can be executed completely one or two days prior to the wedding itself.

Both the bride and groom should decide the venue well in advance so that when your wedding month proceeds, you don’t have to look out for alternative options, if the one chosen by both of you gets already booked.

It is important to discuss matters related to money with your partner because it will be only the two of you who will have to manage your expenses according to the changed scenario. Either you are working or not, discuss how to establish your household expenses from the day after your marriage so that you don’t face any crisis immediately.

It would be a great idea if you hire a wedding planner for your big day so that you need not take the whole tension and worries. The wedding planner will be responsible for so many arrangements that you have enough time to sit back & relax and mentally prepare yourself for the big commitment you are going to make.

  • Ø Pre-marital counseling-

It would be a very good decision to book an appointment with a marriage counselor so that both (bride & groom) of you are aware of the responsibilities and balance of emotions required for a successful marriage.

  • Ø Shop wisely…!!-

shop wisely

Although it is advised to do shopping in budget and not profusely, this rule breaks over in most of the cases. In spite of that, try to lower the expenditure on useless items so that you don’t regret buying it later.

Shop your wedding essentials like wedding trousseau, clothes, etc in advance so that you don’t need to run for any last minute fitting emergency.

  • Ø Relax and enjoy some ‘Me’ time-

pamper yourself

It is the time to have a little space for you so that you can sit back and relax for a while. This is the time when you feel a sense of fear which is also known as the pre-wedding jitters so it is important for you to stop worrying about things and be calm and peaceful. This will let you enjoy your wedding proceedings in a much better way…J

  • Ø Spend time with closed ones-

It is high time to spend quality time with the most important people in your life because as the wedding day gets closer there will be more load of work. So you won’t get time then. This will make your bonding stronger with your loved ones.

Ø Discuss wedding preparations with your partner-

Young couple consults at the psychologist

It is important to discuss the wedding details and proceedings with your partner, so that you are able to know how his thoughts over the entire on goings.

Just like you, he must also be having the pre-marital jitters, so talking over will certainly influence both of your state of mind and help you to relax.

  • Planning about Honeymoon & Intimacy-

Planning about Honeymoon & Intimacy

Wedding is certainly a life changing phase and marriage marks the beginning of the change. The bride has so many preparations to make and the honeymoon and intimacy prove to be the most important decisions she needs to take.

Now after the wedding it is very natural to have a certain intimacy with your partner. Well, you may discuss it with your partner about his thoughts on honeymoon and then you can plan a romantic holiday accordingly.

Intimacy is a very sensitive topic and should be left to be decided between the couple themselves as per their beliefs and desires.

  • Ø Pamper yourself-

For the bride to-be, her wedding day is like the starriest night of her life and she really wants to look gorgeous on that day so that everyone’s eyes are fixed on her only…! So, apart from the monthly grooming, just before a week from the wedding, engage yourself in a body spa and pamper your whole body to have a stress free mind and body. This will enhance your beautiful features and you will definitely steal your partner’s heart all over again…:)

  • Ø Preparing for first night before hand

 Its always advisable to be prepared about first wedding night before marriage otherwise it can lead to lot of surprises.One of the product which is a must buy is Everteen Vaginal Tightening & Revitalizing Gel.By using the product one can enjoy their intimate relationship to the maximum level.




What are your plans for your wedding  or how did you prepare for your wedding ?

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