How to get the spark back in a relationship-

Relationship is a commitment between two individuals which keep them together and bonds them mentally & physically. There are different levels through which a relationship undergoes. It may be puppy love in the beginning and gradually become a compassionate love between them.

Over the time your relationship may have culminated into a strong one but you may sense that the charm has disappeared from your relationship. It is natural for a human to experience a shift in their feelings from time to time but real commitments call for some real efforts from the individuals.

So, if you are willing to take every possible initiative so that you get the spark missing from your relation back, here is something very useful for you. These are a few tips which you need to put to practice so that you can win your partner all over again and make them want you even more than before.


reconnect with your partner

It’s high time that you try to spend time with your partner and know what is going on with their life. Family, children & finances need to be taken care of but not at the cost of neglecting your partner’s feelings. Try to make some special time just for your partner and just listen patiently what they have to say. Most of the couples have this common issue that their partner’s don’t have time to listen to what the other one has to say. Don’t be a part of that league and start mending your relation instantly.


surprise your partner

When a relationship has survived many phases it is a natural thing that both the partners are well accustomed to each other’s needs and thoughts and have adjusted accordingly by then. It means they have reached a certain level of understanding and nothing much is left for them to explore between them. This may not be very good for a relationship so try to surprise your partner with your behavior so that they are excited and want to figure out more about you. In this way you can ignite the attraction between them once again.


get intimate with your partner

Intimacy not always means the physical one but sure it does works to get the spark of your relation back to work…!! Get intimate with your partner and surprise them. Try to create suspense and tease your partner. Make it a little exciting by some outfits or fun games. You can delay it for some time and this will ignite the passion even more. Use your imagination and try to create an ambience which is free from modern day distractions like TV, mobile phones etc. and enjoy the company of each other. You may talk over anything and make the most of the special time you both got in your hands…

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When you have committed to someone, you both have agreed to take care of each other and respect & support each other in your decisions whether it is mutual or not. This takes effort from both the sides. So, when you have come a long way in your relation, try to appreciate your partner for the efforts they put in your relationship because without those efforts you won’t have come so far. So, it is not a matter of shame for you to accept that your partner has really fulfilled your expectations and lived up to it.

  • Ø Go on a romantic date or holiday-

The moment you start feeling that your relationship is losing its essence, it’s best to take steps accordingly and plan a romantic date or a romantic trip with your partner where you both can have your fair share of time and perfect chance to get intimate like a second honeymoon.

For a date choose a romantic place or re-visit the place where both of you had spent a lot of time together. This will surely let the partner feel that you cherish those beautiful memories and that want to make the relationship even stronger.

  • Ø Express your feelings for each other-

It is seen that most couples are very expressive in their feelings in the initial phase of their relation and tend to let it go as the time passes. It is not at all advised especially when the relation is getting older each day. Try to express your feelings to your partner and let them know that you really adore each other and how much you value your relationship.

Saying it with words is the most romantic way to tell your partner what place they hold in your life. Remember your anniversaries and write about all the wonderful times that you have spend together. This will really prove to be an ice-breaker in your relation and will assure that you have the spark back in your relationship.

Do share if you have any tips of getting spark back in a relationship.

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